Read why Fish and Game dropped 76 McCall beavers from the skies of Idaho

“The Skydiving Beavers: A True Tale” by Susan Wood and illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen; Sleeping Bear Press ($16.99)

Just after World War II, the people of McCall found themselves with a problem on their hands. McCall was a lovely resort community in Idaho’s backcountry with mountain views, a sparkling lake and plenty of forests. People rushed to build roads and homes there to enjoy the year-round outdoor activities. It was a beautiful place to live.

And not just for humans.

For centuries, beavers had made the region their home. But what’s good for beavers is not necessarily good for humans, and vice versa. So in a unique conservation effort, in 1948 a team from the Idaho Fish and Game Department decided to relocate the McCall beaver colony. In a daring experiment, the team airdropped 76 live beavers to a new location. One beaver, playfully named Geronimo, endured countless practice drops, seeming to enjoy the skydives, and led the way as all the beavers parachuted into their new home. Readers and nature enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy this true story of ingenuity and determination.

“Boy on the Lake” by Susan Rosser; Morgan James Publishing ($21.95)

Trevor Smith Schaefer was the boy who had everything.

Then the piercing headaches came and up-ended his world. A brain cancer diagnosis just after the McCall boy’s 13th birthday marked the start of a journey of recovery and personal growth. With his mother, Trevor became an advocate for children with cancer and a champion for the protection of small communities from environmental contamination leading to disease clusters.

This true story is a must-read for anyone who has faced seemingly insurmountable personal challenges in a world that has stopped listening.

Through Trevor’s own trek to recovery and triumph, we learn that embracing one’s physical and emotional pain, and facing up to one’s mistakes, can often be the first step toward progress. “The Boy on the Lake” is an easy-to-read reference on how America’s small towns, and the children who live in them, are slipping through the cracks of environmental overreach and falling victim to a broken system, one that has come under review in Washington and has led to the creation of U.S. Senate Bill S.76, Trevor’s Law.

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