Boise’s Treefort opens with dance-rock fusion and a packed house

Treefort Music Fest kicked off on Wednesday, March 23, with a highly theatrical contemporary dance performance, helmed by choreographer and Ballet Idaho dancer Daniel Ojeda, at the Mardi Gras Ballroom, 615 S. 9th St., Boise.

“Viewers Like You” is a pre-apocalyptic ballet set to an original score performed live by 1970s-funk inspired Boise band Thick Business. Set in the ’70s a group of friends discover the world is about to end and must decide what to do next.

The dancing was fast and furious, the music atmospheric and driving. The combination was a winner and sent the audience, a mix of dance fans and festival goers, to their feet.

It’s one of two headlining dance-based projects at Treefort this year. On Thursday, March 24 see Boise’s LED preform “This Way to the Egress” at 10:30 p.m. at the Rose Room, 718 W. Idaho St. Expect wild costumes and makeup and some seriously good dance and original music by choreographer Lauren Edson and composer Andrew Stensaas.