TMP makes a plea for $25,000 to finish out its six-year run

Trey McIntyre Project dancers Travis Walker and Laura O'Malley in “Mercury Half-life.”
Trey McIntyre Project dancers Travis Walker and Laura O'Malley in “Mercury Half-life.” Provided by Trey McIntyre Project

The Trey McIntyre Project opens its final concert run at Jacob’s Pillow in Becket, Mass., tonight, before disbanding the phase. The moment was marred by the announcement that the company faced a $25,000 deficit for its fiscal year that ends June 30.

Earlier this year choreographer Trey McIntyre announced he would end the dance company after six years and continue TMP focused on other artistic pursuits, such as film making. He’s currently working on a documentary about the company’s six-year run, throughout which it ran in the black.

“When Trey announced the shift from dance, our fundraising dried up,” Company Manager Caty Solace says. “It’s been really hard. People see us as this thing in transition, but we’re still operating as a full-blown dance company on tour. That's expensive. We’re trying to finish strong but without the influx of cash we won’t be able to do it.”

On Tuesday, McIntyre sent out a email plea to its supporters asking for donations to close the shortfall.

"I ... understand fully the feelings of loss that have overcome some patrons who have supported the company thus far. Change in any form is a tough transition to inhabit. I am grateful to you, as one of the many supporters who have helped us operate in the black for every year in our history," the email read.

The appeal went to all the company's supporters across the country with different suggested amounts depending on past giving, Solace says.

“The response to the appeal has been incredible,” Solace says. “We’ve had donations from a lot of first timers. Biggest one from this campaign has been $300, and it keep growing and growing.”

The email appeal so far has raised about $3,500. “That’s a lot of $25 donors,” she says. “We’ve also had some of our larger donors step up. As an arts administrator I feel really, really happy.”

As of two hours before curtain at Jacob’s Pillow, the gap had been narrowed by raising nearly $20,000, Solace says.

This isn't all that unusual for an arts group to make this kind of announcement at the end of the season, however it's not often that groups make it as public as TMP has.

If you're interested in donating to this final push, click here.