Get crafty with Bricolage's summer workshops

If you’re looking to get more crafty this summer, check out Bricolage’s “Make & Learn” workshops. Owner Chelsea Snow and her team of “makers” — the artists and artisans whose work fills her shop — teach classes on how to make stuff.

All classes are at Bricolage, 418 S. 6th St., Boise. Costs include supplies.

Dave Ultis of Citizen Scientific Workshop will teach you to make a “Star Wars”-style stuntsaber. Ultis’ group supports “the pursuits and exploits of the amateur scientist, weekend tinker, accidental artist, pure creator, and practical fabricator.” The class is from 5-8 p.m. June 13 and costs $60.

At noon June 15 you can learn bookbinding techniques. $30.

Learn to make nail and string art at a workshop at 6 p.m. June 25 or at noon June 29. $30.

For other upcoming classes, Snow will teach you linocut printmaking (July 9 & 13, $30), and how to make a wreath out of succulent plants (July 25 & 27, $30). Learn modern calligraphy (Aug. 13, $45) from calligrapher Heather Rohnert.

Register online.