Studio 1212 custom furniture is growing its presence in Boise

Studio 1212 is a creative project from architect Derek Hurd and his wife, graphic designer Danielle Hurd. It's been around for a while, but now the Hurds are ready to go more public with their sideline business.

The couple moved to Boise in 1997 after graduating from Montana State in Bozeman.

“After college all our friends were going to Portland or Seattle, and that just felt so cliche,” Derek Hurd says. “We decided to try Boise and we’ve fallen in love with the town. Watching the city grow culturally has been amazing, you can actually be a part of it and grow with it.”

During the economic downturn in the past decade, Hurd’s architectural business started falling off.  So, he turned his focus to his hobby of furniture making. Now, that the economy is recovering, both businesses - his Gravitas Architecture and Studio 1212 - are back in full swing, he says. In fact, the furniture side is going nuts, which prompted him to hire his first employee to build the pieces he designs. Hurd went from making 1 to 2 custom pieces a year for the past 10 years to producing 170 pieces this year.

Hurd now has a full-time employee and is designing sleek, mid-century, modern-style furniture that is being shipped around the globe through his Etsy virtual storefront. Recently, Hurd has built furniture for homes in the Boise Highlands and for people in Amsterdam, Norway, New York and San Francisco.

He shares the online outlet with Danielle, who is the regional director of client services at CTA Architects Engineers in Boise. She currently has a small presence on the 1212 site, but plans to go deeper into her own graphic work this summer.