'JC Superstar' concert tour will head to Boise with Johnny Rotten in the cast: Check out these videos

Get ready. “Jesus Christ Superstar” will hit the road in June, with a performance at Taco Bell Arena in Boise on July 8.

The Andrew Lloyd Weber-Tim Rice musical about the final days in the life of Christ has kept coming back in different incarnations since it was created as a rock-concept album in 1969. It was made into a film in 1973. There have been four Broadway productions and a national tour in 1995 that starred the guys from the film — Ted Neeley as Jesus and Carl Anderson as Judas Iscariot.

This time, it’s being resurrected as an arena spectacular with a cast of rock-’n’-pop stars that includes, of all people, John “Rotten” Lydon, of Public Image Ltd. and the iconic punk band Sex Pistols, as King Herod. Though his is one of the supporting roles, Lydon is getting a lot of attention for being in the production. Does this mean he's sold out? Not sure, but Herod was a pretty angry guy, and Lydon's video performances have always been highly theatrical.

So, I'm a fan and I’m really interested to see what he’ll do in a more theatrical role. However, expect this to be more rock-concert than traditional musical theater in the stylized staging made popular by the anniversary concerts of “Les Misérables.” Check out the trailer below. There are huge screen projections, a long staircase set, dancing girls and head-piece microphones — not the subtle Broadway mics like the cast of "Wicked" used, but the big, black obvious mics of the rock stage.

This is the North American leg of the tour (the U.K and Australia tours were in 2013). The North American cast rounds out with Brandon Boyd, of the Grammy-nominated band Incubus, as Judas Iscariot; JC Chasez of *NSYNC as Pontius Pilate; Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child as Mary Magdalene, and newcomer Ben Forster, who won a British reality-TV casting competition, as Jesus. Forster played Jesus in all three tours.

The show is 8 p.m. July 8 at Taco Bell Arena, 1401 Bronco Circle, Boise. $45, $65, $85 and $125. Boise State Tickets.