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Author Margaret Atwood speaks in Boise

More than 1,400 people filled the Jordan Ballroom and spilled into the entryway to hear acclaimed author Margaret Atwood speak as part of Boise State University's Distinguished Lecture Series Wednesday night.

The feisty and opinionated Atwood spoke about "expression and the power of words" through history, contemporary culture and her books, evoking frequent laughter from the audience.

"Writing is always a vote of confidence in the future," she said, "because it always assumes a future reader."

The author of "The Handmaid's Tale" and other novels fielded questions from the audience and autographed books after her speech.

"She's amazing," said Ashley Hammond, citing Atwood's dystopian and feminist themes. She held her freshly autographed book close. "I'm going to marvel at it every day."