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Fire, flood, logging take their toll on three of Boise’s iconic trail destinations

Users of Table Rock, the Boise River Greenbelt and Stack Rock have faced access issues in the past year.


Wina Sturgeon: Tune your bike for smoother spring rides

With the warming weather, a bike ride is a pleasant way to welcome late spring. But hopefully, you don't just grab your bike and go. Even though it may have been tuned before you stored it away for winter, essential lubrication may have hardened, so cables won't slide as easily. Your chain may have stretched a little while stored, so you might not have the precision handling you were used to last fall.


New breed of mountain bike is here with wider tires

While manufacturers of road bikes continue in the quest to get lighter and lighter, that's not the case with mountain bikes. In fact, fat is all the rage when it comes to the off-road machines. Fat-tire bikes, with tires as wide as four inches and more, are designed to be ridden through the snow and really sloppy terrain. The newest grouping of mountain bikes features tires a step below those behemoths, but wider than traditional tires. Why the emphasis on the big wheels? The larger tires need less air pressure, which provides better cushioning on the trail. They also create more contact with the ground, giving you better traction while climbing, cornering and descending.


A Grand Slam view from atop Kepros Mountain

Here's the panoramic view from the summit of Kepros Mountain outside Boise. You can see the other three Grand Slam peaks from here.
Chadd Cripe ccripe@idahostatesman.com
A Grand Slam view from atop Kepros Mountain 0:46

A Grand Slam view from atop Kepros Mountain

'Everybody should climb Borah' 3:24

'Everybody should climb Borah'

Steelhead fishing on Idaho's Salmon River 2:23

Steelhead fishing on Idaho's Salmon River

Tamarack Bike Park preview 2017 1:01

Tamarack Bike Park preview 2017