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Children suffer effects of violence long after fighting stops

It seems like every day, the news covers another crime of domestic violence, or child abuse and neglect. These tragedies are hard to process and we may find ourselves grateful that we don’t know the victims, or that this isn’t happening in our home. However, violence toward children can be closer than you think. Children, whether a direct victim or in a home with violence, can suffer the effects of that violence long after the fighting has stopped.

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Chehey letter: Cost of education

When I enrolled at Boise Junior College in 1960, the tuition and fees were just under $100 a semester. Entry level jobs paid about $1 an hour, so one could earn enough with a summer job to go to college. A part-time job would help with living expenses. Over the years tuition grew to $1,000 a semester and entry-level wages increased at about the same rate. Then in 2001, the Legislature started cutting taxes, thinking this was the road to prosperity and attracting new business to the state.

Letters to the Editor

Bowler letter: Steven Nelson

I was disturbed to read the Statesman headline of April 11, “Killer of gay man sentenced.” The man who was killed was Steven Nelson. He had a name, a life, friends and a family who loved him. He lived in a community who grieves the loss of his life, who are stricken by what he had to endure in his last hours. To know that this was a hate crime is important, but to make this a headline crime, using “gay man” instead of his name, is wrong. Steven Nelson. Say his name.

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Beauchamp letter: Trump’s 100 days

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump promised great accomplishments during his first 100 days. We’re almost there and here’s what we have to show for it: 1) Failure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, 2) Failure to ban Muslims from entering our country because his executive order was unconstitutional, 3) Failure to convince Mexico to pay for the “wall,” 4) Rollback of Wall Street regulations designed to avoid another 2008 financial meltdown, 5) Rollback of EPA regulations that have kept our air and water clean for decades, 6) A Cabinet stacked with millionaires/billionaires who disagree with the very mission of the department they are to lead, 7) An administration living in an alternative universe comprised of conspiracy theories, “fake news,” “alternative facts,” Breitbart News, Fox News, tweets and right-wing blogs, 8) A first family spending taxpayer money at the fastest pace in history, 9) A proposed budget that increases military spending by $54 billion at the expense of every other program in the government except Homeland Security and, to round out the top ten, 10) A president being investigated by Congress for possible collusion with the Russian government. Yep, right on target.

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Alexander letter: United flight

After viewing the video of the passenger being dragged off the United Airlines plane I am saddened and disappointed by the response. Not the response of the airline personnel who were robotically following company protocol. Not the response of the police officers who were blindly following orders. Those responses can be explained away by bad decisions made by individuals who clearly should not be placed in positions of authority. What cannot be explained away is the lack of response by the passengers who witnessed the degradation of another human being and sat silently by. Videoing the incident and posting it online to be viewed later by millions does not substitute for intervention. What kind of people have we become that we are so jaded by overreaching security procedures infiltrating every part of our public lives that we no longer think for ourselves? Maybe I wouldn’t have thought to stand up and protest either, but I guarantee you that my father, a World War II veteran and a man of integrity, would not have passively sat by and watched this happen to an innocent man who had paid his airfare and “just wanted to go home.” But then, my dad was a hero.

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Vuylsteke letter: F-35 editorial

I understand why the Editorial Board opinion in the Depth Section of the Idaho Statesman went unsigned in the Sunday April 9 edition regrading the support of the Boise F-35 jets for Gowen Field. The obvious reason for the anonymous insensitive cowards is simple: They are not one of the hundreds of homeowners or residents of the area that will be affected by the prospect of bringing the F-35s to Gowen. Try telling many residents of over 35 years-plus that they have to sell their house at below market value and move just because of the “Greater Good of Business.” While I do not live in the area of sonic doom, I know many of the scared and nervous residents in the Boise Bench. Must society always sacrifice the few for the many? The Treasure Valley is about much much more than just Gowen Field. Our nation’s security will not suffer because the F-35s aren’t stationed in Idaho. The rights and freedoms of United States citizens should come first and foremost, not the opinions and bullying of a few government aristocrats. Shame on anyone that forces neighbors to uproot their lives and feeling of security just to make money.

Letters to the Editor

Theobald letter: Jim Risch

Every time I call Sen. Jim Risch with a comment I get some inane form letter in return. The guy is on auto-pilot. Here’s an example. I called his office a few weeks back to ask him not to confirm Jeff Sessions as attorney general. I received a form letter yesterday with this comment: “I believe Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a man of strong character and impeccable honesty.” Really, Sen. Risch? Where is your head these days? You obviously haven’t been paying attention to your constituents or to people like Jeff Sessions who perjure themselves in testimony to Congress. Do you even care, or are you so accustomed to liars that you don’t notice them anymore? What do you do during Senate hearings? Play games on your cellphone?

Letters to the Editor

Stevens letter: State taxes

My husband has just written a check to the state of Idaho for $6,800 for state income taxes. For this we got no snow removal services in our block of the North End of Boise for nearly two months this winter. We slipped, we fell, we skidded, we slid, we removed snow from our sidewalk as required by the city. We did our best to keep the gutter clear, although removing ice is a daunting task. Thank God neither of us were injured or sick as we spent many days totally house bound. My husband slid into the neighbor’s carport in the alley causing about $1,500 damage to our car. Of course, the city would never dream of plowing an alley. It is shameful, embarrassing and dangerous to live in a place where the state charges these kinds of taxes while putting seniors at peril during the winter. We do our part, why doesn’t Idaho do theirs? And we haven’t even talked about property taxes yet. Or sales taxes.

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East Boise multifamily plans go against established rules

I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed rezoning of a parcel in East Boise to allow high-density multifamily units to be built on a parcel zoned for only single-family residential development. Although I am in favor of development generally, I am opposed to not following the zoning plans as created by the Planning and Zoning Commission for the development of East Boise and the resulting traffic pressures that are placed on the roads.

Letters to the Editor

McCoy letter: Syrian attack

We are currently in Poland and visited Auschwitz recently. We have previously been in Hungry and Berlin. In all our visits there was one common theme in relation to the Nazis. The idea of a free press being evil came up. Hitler convinced most Germans that the press was not to be trusted. Sound familiar? Also from what I have been hearing over here is that the attack on Syria was not effective. We know that the Pentagon gave early warning to Russia to protect their military that is working with Syria. So it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the strike was not effective. I served multiple tours in Vietnam and we would fly over an area in advance of a B-52 strike and drop leaflets warning the people. I worked what was called Bomb Damage Assessments (BDA’s) and would go in right after the bombing missions and would find very few, if any casualties, at least human. If we are going to commit to a military action we need to do it. There are going to be casualties but that is the nature of war. I am not for war so don’t think I am.

Letters to the Editor

Jung letter: ACA helped family

In light of the angst of watching my wife passing away before my eyes I would like to say that our family would be undergoing bankruptcy if it wasn’t for the Affordable Care Act. Rather than trying to save Speaker Ryan’s ego, in having not repealed the Act why not look at the possibility of looking at what is already out there and making it even more workable. I know my wife, who I love dearly, would join me in that her forthcoming passing would have positive purpose.


Sikhs in Boise and U.S. say: "We are Americans."

Though Mehar and Paramvir Singh of Boise are U.S citizens, their ethnicity and outward expressions of their faith often result in more intense scrutiny from people who don't understand their Sikh religion and who wrongly profile them as would-be terrorists.
Sikhs in Boise and U.S. say: 0:55

Sikhs in Boise and U.S. say: "We are Americans."

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