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Use data, economic analysis to find Medicaid gap solution for Idaho

Good public policy is and must be shaped by a conceptual framework that relies on a discipline such as economics or political science, solid data and reliable research methods. Public policy about providing access to health care is not an exception. In addition, our choices as a state should strive to ensure we get the highest return for our public dollar invested.

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Bates letter: Alzheimer’s walk

This year my father passed away after a decade with dementia. I have told the story of Ron Bates for 10 years to anyone who would listen. Our family endured a financial hardship and emotional stress that you can’t understand unless you too have watched a loved one fade away, only a memory, as theirs disappear.

Letters to the Editor

Marvinny letter: Vote Piotrowski & Sturgill

I write to support James Piotrowski, who is running for U.S. Congress, and Jerry Sturgill, who is running for U.S. Senate. Both of these men are staunch supporters of Idaho’s beautiful public lands and for keeping them for the public. I am an avid fly fisherman and when I moved to Idaho recently it was because of all the public lands accessible for my fishing as well as my hiking, snowshoeing and kayaking. We must keep it open to all people.

Guest Opinions

Idaho needs an upgraded Castle Doctrine for gun owners

Idaho is one of the most gun-friendly states in the country. Compared to our neighbors in Oregon and Washington, who continue to erode gun rights, Idaho is on a far better path to protecting the Second Amendment. Proof of this can be seen with the passage of permitless carry earlier this year.

Letters to the Editor

Wardwell letter: Labrador opinion

Raul Labrador’s Sept. 15 opinion fails to recognize that forest fires may have “natural” causes but they are exacerbated by climate change. Our forests are burning sooner, longer, bigger and hotter due to climate change. He has resisted doing anything about it claiming it’s too expensive to mitigate. The science and economics prove that Labrador is wrong.

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Roy letter: Taxes on the wealthy

There are a lot of questions about why the gap between the incomes and wealth of the very rich and the rest of us has grown over the last 40 years after shrinking for the previous 35 years. The answers are many, but one seems obvious. Between 1945 and 1980 the top income tax bracket was never less than 70 percent. During the 1950s and early 60s it was over 90 percent. Those tax revenues were used to hold the cost of education low, build the interstate highway system, help people buy their first homes, fund flights to the moon and many other things that helped the middle class with education and jobs. It wasn’t income redistribution, it was asking the most fortunate in our society to help fund opportunities for the rest of us.

Letters to the Editor

Samson letter: Raul Labrador

Raul Labrador is the very reason Congress is so dysfunctional. He and his freedom caucus do not know the definition nor the purpose of the word and duty to “compromise.” Obstruct is their purpose. It is time Idaho demand more from their representative. Idaho needs someone who can work with others in both parties for the good of our country.

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Freeman letter: Liquor law and Art

The local neo burlesque scene is exquisitely bawdy, Hogarthian in its satire, and frequently laugh-out-loud funny. The relevant statute needs to be refined such that what’s not covered immediately adjacent to the circumference of the areolae need not be policed where alcoholic beverages are served. The Visual Arts Collective, and Anne McDonald and her cohorts, are artistic mainstays. Certainly, let the police do their jobs, but their resources and talents are better deployed elsewhere.

Guest Opinions

The logic of being a Democrat

Republican and Democratic friends often explain their political allegiance by stressing that their “values” are mirrored in their respective political parties. I prefer to avoid reliance on subjective values as justification for party allegiance and instead cut straight to the logic for a Democratic Party that advances our individual agency, our community and our commons.

Letters to the Editor

Mingay letter: Muslim holiday article

The front page article on Tuesday, Sept. 13, with regards to the Muslin holiday of Eid was interesting. Said Ahmed-Zaid stated that what they are celebrating is the story of Abraham’s offering of his son Ishmael. The Hebrew Scriptures clearly state that the son who was offered was Isaac. Mr. Ahmed-Zaid stated that this difference is small and what is important is the moral of the story.


Boise Sanders supporters hold firm

Boise North End residents Angeline and Michael Blain will stick with Bernie Sanders as their presidential candidate even though Hillary Clinton has amassed enough delegates to earn the Democrat nomination.
Boise Sanders supporters hold firm 2:32

Boise Sanders supporters hold firm

Leon Panetta on public service 1:44

Leon Panetta on public service

Dashcam video shows fatal North Idaho police shooting 1:18

Dashcam video shows fatal North Idaho police shooting

Boise State defensive line coach Steve Caldwell. 11:27

Boise State defensive line coach Steve Caldwell.