Guest Opinions

Yes, there is a solution to child medical neglect

Some Idaho legislators have said parents should not be criminalized for their religious beliefs. I agree. But when a person’s belief turns into actions that directly result in physical harm, permanent disability or death to a child, the line is crossed and the child’s right to life must take precedence.

Guest Opinions

Stand Your Ground law means more gun violence for Idaho

SB 1313 won’t keep Idahoans safe from dangerous people — it will only put our communities at greater risk. Our state law already recognizes the right to self-defense, and includes important safeguards to prevent someone from using deadly force if they initiate a fight or from tracking down and shooting someone out of revenge. The bill that Gov. Otter let become Idaho’s new law jeopardizes those standards — and Otter himself recognizes just how dangerous that is.

Bill Manny

We still let abusive college athletes quietly leave town. Shame on us.

We’ve decided as a society that such out-of-sight, out-of-mind policies are no longer acceptable for abusive priests or offending school teachers. So how is it still OK for universities and athletes? It’s hard not to agree with the University of Idaho volleyball player who blogged March 24: “I can no longer say I have complete trust in our system, because I thought our staff would be different.”


Journalists need to watch out for Turkey

Things have certainly gotten hairier for foreign reporters, but even more so for local journalists as regional tensions rise, alliances become fluid, nationalism grows, and refugee populations are on the move.

Why this mom is inspired to update Idaho's sex education laws

Hannah Gayle gave birth to twins while she was in high school becoming a teen mom. Now, she hopes to update Idaho's sex-ed laws from the 1970's to help teens today.
Kelsey Grey and Bill Manny Idaho Statesman