Robert Ehlert

Sheriff Donahue not about to be quiet about deaths of innocents in Canyon church

An interim committee failed to act, and the Idaho Legislature bungled a bill and then looked the other way. but Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue won’t let anyone forget that kids keep dying in the homes of the Followers of Chirst.

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Forging ahead on clean energy despite White House rhetoric

Idahoans know what’s good for Idaho. That is why, despite the anti-science rhetoric from the White House, we continue to see Idaho companies and individuals invest in our clean energy future instead of the dirty fossil fuels of the past. It’s time our politicians follow this leadership and stand up for Idaho’s clean energy future.


How U.S. health care measures up

With the debate over the future of Obamacare now underground — Senate Republicans having decided that the monstrous American Health Care Act approved by the House two weeks ago is best discussed in secret, and they may be at it for months yet — it’s a good time to review the state of health care in the United States. It’s not just a question about the fact of ACA beneficiaries (or those who might lose insurance under the AHCA). How has the U.S. health care system performed for all of us, rich and poor, insured or uninsured, over the last quarter-century?

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McFarland letter: Trump’s news

In the May 11 edition of the Statesman there is a rather heated, convoluted spiel by Charlie Nations of Eagle. Could he be Dano Savino in another life? His complaint is the ultra-liberal slant of the Statesman for (a) repugnant cartoons of Trump, who is repugnant and cannot be depicted any other way; (b) Obama was never, ever characterized in this fashion because of the servile media — don’t think good old Charlie was cognizant, really, of the servile media during Obama’s eight years — I saw and read some really nasty stuff about him during that time; (c) The Statesman publishes way too much of those liberal rags The Washington Post and The New York Times — so wrong, good old Charlie — the Statesman is in excellent company there while reporting local/statewide news in an efficient manner. I am certain that good old Charlie gets his info from Fox News, Breitbart, Infowars, Drudge, Rush Limbaugh and Steve Bannon. In just the last few days, our repugnant Trump had enhanced his reputation for ignorance/stupidity/lying/egoism/etc., but good old Charlie just can’t accept it.

Letters to the Editor

Makovsky letter: Flooding

Every year we see the flooding and damage done to property. There is a man that goes in the mountains who is paid to tell our government how much snow there is so they know when they should lower the reservoirs so there won’t be any flooding. Seems like nobody listens to this gentleman who is paid to do his job but it doesn’t seem like they’re doing theirs. There needs to be better management from now on because there’s no reason for all the damage that is caused by poor control of personnel paid to control this. Who is going to pay for all the damage done now because of this? I do believe we have much better-educated people that can do a much better job then there is now.

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Landers letter: Memorial Day

What a world where people vandalize and riot but most of all hurt innocent people who did nothing to deserve it and yet overseas it happens every day and nothing makes sense anymore. We are seeing senseless violence anymore because it used to be pretty safe and you didn’t lock your cars or worry about your school getting threats, but now it has become as common as the common cold. This Memorial Day I will honor my cousin who died in the Middle East and was a combat medic, and he didn’t die in vain. I would like to believe that great people still exist. The world has lost too many children, including my niece, who was shot in the head, and yet I think how unfortunate our world is because she was a great person. We as a world must find peace because there is no balance in life anymore because of too much genocide. It saddens me that life is not precious as it once was, but we all need to dig deep and realize that too many lives are lost and forgotten.

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Eichmann letter: Donald Trump

It is obvious that President Trump is becoming increasingly desperate in his attempts to deflect inquiries into his association with Russian operatives. Desperate men often resort to desperate measures, and our country simply cannot abide any further erosion of our laws and values by the Mogul from Manhattan.

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Civiello letter: Democrats

I’m surprised the steps of the state Capitol aren’t worn away from the pounding they’ve taken by the Democrats clamoring for victimization of themselves and the United States. At the same time they instantly vilify everything Republicans think, say or do as the cause for the impending demise of western civilization.

Letters to the Editor

Chilson letter: Dogs

Recently we were walking our small dog when two large dogs ran out and attacked her, biting her head and neck. It tore a hole in her trachea and in seconds her body swelled up to twice her size. We rushed her to our vet and a breathing tube was inserted and X-rays taken. Our vet stabilized her and transported her to the vet hospital for monitoring and to determine if she would need surgery to fix the trachea tear. Her breathing tube was removed, she appeared to be breathing OK on her own, but our girl passed away a couple of hours later due to complications.


Sikhs in Boise and U.S. say: "We are Americans."

Though Mehar and Paramvir Singh of Boise are U.S citizens, their ethnicity and outward expressions of their faith often result in more intense scrutiny from people who don't understand their Sikh religion and who wrongly profile them as would-be terrorists.
Sikhs in Boise and U.S. say: 0:55

Sikhs in Boise and U.S. say: "We are Americans."

Interior Secretary Jewell recounts events that kept her up at night 4:17

Interior Secretary Jewell recounts events that kept her up at night

Why the Idaho Statesman endorses political candidates 1:48

Why the Idaho Statesman endorses political candidates

Boise Sanders supporters hold firm 2:32

Boise Sanders supporters hold firm