Letters to the Editor

Scott letter: Elect Beth Oppenheimer

Vote for Beth Oppenheimer. Over the past two years as the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Idaho State President I have worked with Beth supporting early education before the state Legislature. Through this collaboration I have had an opportunity to observe firsthand her ability to lead a large team comprised of professionals seeking to improve the education of Idaho children. As a leader she listens to team members, respects their ideas, and builds on them. Is this not what being a member of the Boise School Board would be.

Letters to the Editor

Blain letter: Peace songs

I ask myself, why are “Peace Songs” no longer considered to be an important part of our music scene. We’re ravaged by political bombardment by both political parties, and President Obama and his supporters continue to kill hundreds of children in the Persian Gulf. Did not our Commander in Chief win the Nobel Peace Prize? Has he cashed in the Nobel Peace Prize for the spoils of war?

Letters to the Editor

Ward letter: Donald Trump

In a speech delivered to the Women’s World Summit on April 21, 2015, Hillary Clinton stated, “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated religious beliefs have to be changed.”

Letters to the Editor

Vogelsong letter: Donald Trump

In my opinion, the Democrat Party stooped to a new low when they used the Muslim Gold Star Khan family to attack Donald Trump on worldwide TV with slanderous, or near slanderous accusations and misquotes of our Constitution. Gold Star people are, for the most part, untouchable; and everybody knows it. To persuade Mr. Khan to attack Donald Trump in the political arena was a disgrace. They had to know that Mr. Khan lost his “untouchable” status when he entered into politics. In short, he became fair game; and Mr. Trump was well within his rights to respond in his usual manner, which he did. An American fact of political life: If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Letters to the Editor

Tidwell letter: Transmission line

Idaho Power wants to spend $30 million of ratepayers’ money in Blaine County and a good chunk of that cost will be used on undergrounding a transmission line in Ketchum, so residents don’t have to look at ugly transmission towers and wires. Any part of the line that is buried is approximately 10 times the cost of an overhead line. But here’s the thing, this line doesn’t make Blaine County any more energy secure. It does not generate electricity, it only moves it from the Hailey sub-station. In the 2009 Christmas power outage no power was getting to Blaine County from both of the southern sub-stations, so this line would have been useless. For approximately I believe $3-6 million, a backup diesel generator could be installed in a matter of months now, to provide that emergency backup power in the rare case the existing transmission line goes down. The existing Hailey SV transmission line had only eight outages during 1980-2010, four for less than five minutes, and the longest being 148 minutes. Idaho ratepayers, please be aware that your money could be better spent on real solutions that help the entire Idaho grid and comment to PUC.

Letters to the Editor

Moore letter: Gary Johnson

If you feel the two candidates for POTUS do not represent your ideals, then please learn more about the Libertarian candidate. Gary Johnson, the former two-term governor of New Mexico, is the only former chief executive on the presidential ticket. Former Gov. Bill Weld (Massachusetts, also served two-terms) is his Vice Presidential nominee. He will be on the ballot in all 50 states. His team delivers a strong message of fiscal responsibility and combines it with a socially liberal core. He needs to be heard in the upcoming debates. Please Google Gary Johnson. Are you in?

Letters to the Editor

Rodriguez letter: Elect Oppenheimer

As a parent, I know how important parent involvement is to ensure that our children are successful in all levels of school and beyond. Beth Oppenheimer is running for the Boise School Board and I am confident she will engage parents and our communities to improve Boise’s public schools. Beth is a professional. She is a passionate advocate for public education and has a demonstrated ability to effectively work with the whole community. She will be a great addition to the Boise School Board. Vote for Beth Oppenheimer for Boise School Board on Sept. 6.

Letters to the Editor

Moss letter: Elect Sturgill

Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Our public lands belong to all of us, no matter our social or financial standing. They are the playgrounds for fishing, hunting, birding, hiking, mountain biking and skiing with no fences to restrict access.

Letters to the Editor

Custer letter: Elect Oppenheimer

I support Beth Oppenheimer for the Boise School District Board of Trustees. Beth’s depth and breadth of experience in all aspects of education would enable her to immediately contribute to the success of the school board and the success of the children in the Boise School District.

Letters to the Editor

McCandless letter: Elect Oppenheimer

As a parent who has volunteered hundreds of hours in the Boise School District, I wholeheartedly support Beth Oppenheimer for the Boise School Board. I have known Beth for many years and can speak firsthand of her commitment to our students, teachers and parents. Beth has tirelessly advocated for quality education in Idaho and I am confident the well-being of our children will remain at the forefront of all her decisions on the Boise School Board. Please join me in voting for Beth Oppenheimer Sept. 6.


Boise Sanders supporters hold firm

Boise North End residents Angeline and Michael Blain will stick with Bernie Sanders as their presidential candidate even though Hillary Clinton has amassed enough delegates to earn the Democrat nomination.
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Boise Sanders supporters hold firm

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Leon Panetta on public service

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