Letters to the Editor

Pierce letter: AHCA

The House passed the American Health Care Act in May, and if passed by the Senate, it would cause 23 million people to lose insurance, 14 million of them from Medicaid alone. The AHCA would cap Medicaid funding to states, force states to ration care, bear more costs and deny health coverage to those who need it most. Yet, despite overwhelming opposition from the American people, the Senate plans to base 80 percent of its bill on the AHCA.

Letters to the Editor

Wallace letter: Hypocrisy of the Left

I find it very interesting that Joan Ehrnstein advises Republicans to not “vote against your own self-interest” ... to use the Democratic Party’s talking point du jour. More telling is that Ehrnstein apparently feels that it’s only Republicans that engage in this behavior. Further, she points out that “The Republican of today is not your 1960s or 1970s Republican.”

Letters to the Editor

Sorensen letter: Political bickering

The Idaho Legislature cannot please everybody but it does manage in a bipartisan way to come together on the “people’s business.” This has occurred over the years under both Democratic and Republican governors. My wife Sheila and I had the opportunity to see this process in action when we served in the Idaho Legislature. However, what we see with Congress in Washington, D.C., now is profoundly different.

Letters to the Editor

Pecora letter: Immigration

With respect to the June 8 Guest Opinion by Courtney Lennberg (representative of Mormon Women for Ethical Government) addressing “Contradictions from the Trump administration regarding immigration policy . . .”

Letters to the Editor

Nations letter: Get Trump

Like the 1995 hit comedy “Get Shorty” starring John Travolta and Danny Devito, with its muddled plot and zany characters, there is an equally outrageous alternate reality comedy being played out today by some zany Dems and the mainstream media to “Get Trump.” Leaks, unmasking and made-up stories are behind a false conspiracy of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Both the NY Times and Washington Post reported that FBI director Comey was fired days after asking for additional funding for the Russia investigation. However, this was dispelled by the acting FBI director in testimony that no such request was ever made, and that the investigation was well funded. The president’s son-in-law came “under scrutiny” for allegedly proposing back-channel communications with Russia even though these communications are common among nations, and can be critical in crises. Then, Comey’s testimony revealed that Trump was never under investigation. Comey became his own “Deep Throat” character by leaking privileged memos of conversations with the president. This near rabid effort to prove a Trump/Russia collusion still bears no evidence. The next act will unveil a charge of obstruction of justice based on “hope” as in “I hope we can let this go.”

Letters to the Editor

Miller letter: How we treat the homeless

Recently I saw the aftermath of a car impacting a person. The person hit was a man, a bit older than middle-aged, appearing for all intents and purposes to be stereotypically homeless. I do not know the circumstances of the incident itself, but seeing a man writhing on the ground, blood spattered on the road near his head, his belongings strewn down the side of the street, was jarring.

Letters to the Editor

McGinnis letter: Entertainment

“Most of what passes for legitimate entertainment is inferior or foolish and only caters to or exploits people’s weaknesses. … If you yourself don’t choose what thoughts and images you expose yourself to, someone else will, and their motives may not be the highest.” — Epictetus, 50-135 A.D.

Letters to the Editor

Krenning letter: Flooding problems

I find it hard to believe after years of Boise River flooding that there is not some kind of technology out there that can be used to help prevent it. We can send a man to the moon. A whole trailer court had to move and one family that lives there were friends of mine. They live from paycheck to paycheck so when they had to move they had no money, no place to go. They tried to find help but there was none. How sad. Now who is going to pay for all the damage? It’s time for them to spend some money to find some technology to help them out up there.

Letters to the Editor

Kirkbride letter: F-35 mission

For about 50 years Idaho’s largest commuter bus service has been in Idaho Falls. Daily buses circulate the city picking up and dropping off workers for the Department of Energy facility in the Arco desert 40 miles out of town.

Letters to the Editor

Hogg letter: Wrongful termination

I read in the Idaho Statesman that a jury found Ada County Commissioners Jim Tibbs and Dave Case wrongfully terminated Rich Wright. The taxpayers of Ada County are now on the hook for $2.7 million for the cost of Mr. Wright’s successful lawsuit and judgment.


Sikhs in Boise and U.S. say: "We are Americans."

Though Mehar and Paramvir Singh of Boise are U.S citizens, their ethnicity and outward expressions of their faith often result in more intense scrutiny from people who don't understand their Sikh religion and who wrongly profile them as would-be terrorists.
Sikhs in Boise and U.S. say: 0:55

Sikhs in Boise and U.S. say: "We are Americans."

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Interior Secretary Jewell recounts events that kept her up at night

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