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HJR 5: All about accountability

House Joint Resolution 5 will be on your November ballot. It is all about accountability. It is about protecting our lives and businesses from unwarranted government intrusion. By voting “Yes” on HJR 5, you will be protecting Idahoans from excessive regulations, ensuring your voice is heard, and holding our state government accountable to the people it serves.

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Lungren letter: Elect Robyn Brody

Curt McKenzie in his guest opinion said he was endorsed by several groups, among them Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry and the National Rifle Association. He finished saying he would fairly apply the Constitution and statutes as written.

Letters to the Editor

Draper letter: Oppose the TPP

John Kasich, in his recent op-ed to the Statesman is dead wrong. The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is not about national security. It’s about taking away America’s sovereignty and handing it over to multinational corporations.

Letters to the Editor

Dammarell letter: Raul Labrador

After reading Raul Labrador’s comments regarding his continued endorsement of Donald Trump, I can’t help but think Labrador is caught inside the conservative news bubble of Fox, Brietbart and NewsMax. He references Clinton’s “lies” but fails to understand that real media outlets literally have to run a news crawl at the bottom just to correct the volumes of inaccurate statements every time Trump opens his mouth.

Letters to the Editor

Thode letter: Donald Trump

Much of Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency seems to be based on the idea that it’s OK to offend people whenever possible. Certainly the recent “locker room” comments made by him fit that description, but a lot of what he says at his rallies can be described as politically incorrect. This tendency has brought out an ugly streak in many of his supporters. It seems that racism and sexism in his campaign are fair game.

Letters to the Editor

Strong letter: Idaho GOP

I can’t believe that Idaho’s Republican Party is standing behind Donald Trump after all the garbage he has spouted out of his foul mouth. Idaho’s Republicans have proven the age-old rumor that they’d vote for the devil himself as long as there was an “R” behind his name.

Letters to the Editor

Stallings letter: Crapo’s deficits

In 2001, the budget was balanced. Then our nation elected George Bush, who, along with Sen.Mike Crapo, started spending like crazy. They pushed two massive tax cuts, two wars, and created the Department of Homeland Security and a Medicare drug plan — which they didn’t pay for. Crapo is on record supporting this spending binge.


Why the Idaho Statesman endorses political candidates

The Idaho Statesman’s seven-member Editorial Board writes editorial opinions and endorses candidates for public office. The board’s opinions, which are made after much research and discussion, are distinct from our news operation and part of our newspaper’s long-standing commitment to community engagement. Idaho Statesman President and Publisher Debra Leithauser explains the process and the reasoning behind endorsements.
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Why the Idaho Statesman endorses political candidates 1:48

Why the Idaho Statesman endorses political candidates

Boise Sanders supporters hold firm 2:32

Boise Sanders supporters hold firm

Leon Panetta on public service 1:44

Leon Panetta on public service

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Boise State DC Andy Avalos talks about Brian Hill and Wyoming