Future of Idaho’s wild salmon can’t be sacrificed for any other interest

A grizzly bear is the dominant image of the California state flag because these ferocious beasts once roamed the mountains and valleys of the Golden State, and because they symbolized the territory’s fight for independence from Mexico. But you can’t find a grizzly in all of California today because our most populous state made decisions over time to make life miserable for them.


I am an educated woman, and I backed Trump. Here’s why.

As an unaffiliated voter in North Carolina, during my lifetime I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans. Voting for Barack Obama in his first term, I was proud that we had elected the first African American as president. I voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. I was extremely conflicted during the 2016 primaries.


Fighting waste at the Pentagon is like ‘turning on light in very dark room’

When it comes to bigness, the U.S. military has few rivals. The Defense Department is the nation’s largest employer, with more than 1.3 million men and women on active duty. The Pentagon has three times the floor space of the Empire State Building. The department’s back-office business operations employ more than 1 million people. The $580 billion U.S. military budget takes up more than half of the discretionary spending of the federal government each year. Making the Pentagon more efficient, and wringing change from such a giant organization, has frustrated many of those chosen to lead it.

Letters to the Editor

Fishman letter: Dangerous intersection

As a motorcycle rider, I am saddened and take pause when a fellow rider is killed. The recent death of a biker at State Street and Edgewood in Eagle is sad and tragic. Few details are provided. I drive or ride this intersection every day both during the day and at night. The overhead lighting at these extremely busy intersections should be dramatically improved. One of the cobra head street lights was not even on during a recent evening. I think the posted speed limit in the area is excessive. To make things worse, many exceed the posted speed limit. To have a blinking yellow arrow enabling drivers of all ages and skill levels to dart across two lanes of fast-moving oncoming traffic is a formula for disaster. And now we have one. Westbound traffic should be forced to stop to allow a left turn onto Edgewood. Now life is lost and lives are crushed or in ruin. Slow down and look at least twice for motorcycles, especially after sunset. And bikers should expect the unexpected at all times. Assume that person turning in front of you doesn’t see you. Let’s all make it home safely.

Letters to the Editor

England letter: CWI

Like many voters, I was surprised by the College of Western Idaho request for $180 million. We deserve a more cogent explanation of the needs for such a colossal sum. CWI currently has a large, open campus in Nampa. Before purchasing expensive land in downtown Boise, I’d expect CWI to justify why needs cannot be met with both online programs and by programs offered at the Nampa campus. They could run shuttle buses from Boise and economically provide on-site classes. With BSU downtown and CWI having multiple Boise campuses already, how would our tax money be wisely utilized?

Letters to the Editor

Emery letter: Homeless housing

I noticed in the Nov. 16 Statesman that money has been secured by the Idaho Housing and Finance Association and its partners to proceed with building 40 apartments plus space for supportive services for our chronically homeless people. This must have taken tremendous tireless and collaborative effort of compassionate, persistent, dedicated individuals and agencies. Happy Holidays indeed.

Letters to the Editor

Crosby letter: Voted for hate

America’s children have been abused. They have been abused by those who claim to love them unconditionally, and yet, these loving parents and friends voted for a Donald Trump. They closed their eyes and turned the other way. I am ashamed of this nation; as a parent, I am worried. I know three things for sure: 1) There is no room in this world for hate, prejudice discrimination or intolerance. 2) Hate mongers are impotent without their hate. 3) The most insidious form of child abuse is teaching children to hate. The vote was national acceptance of hate. As an Idahoan, I knew that as a state we generally vote right, even if it wrong. Idaho, you blew it. The ramifications will become apparent, but think of your children. They now believe that hate is acceptable, and that is wrong. Shame on you.


Lessons of Pearl Harbor and an ‘end to illusions’

As we remember and mourn those servicemen and women who died when Imperial Japan launched a surprise attack on the American military installations at Pearl Harbor 75 years ago, we should also remember that was not just one of the bloodiest strikes on American soil. Pearl Harbor also marked “an end to illusions,” as the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr described the United States’ sudden mindfulness of the threats posed by Japan and Nazi Germany.


Why the Idaho Statesman endorses political candidates

The Idaho Statesman’s seven-member Editorial Board writes editorial opinions and endorses candidates for public office. The board’s opinions, which are made after much research and discussion, are distinct from our news operation and part of our newspaper’s long-standing commitment to community engagement. Idaho Statesman President and Publisher Debra Leithauser explains the process and the reasoning behind endorsements.
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Why the Idaho Statesman endorses political candidates 1:48

Why the Idaho Statesman endorses political candidates

Boise Sanders supporters hold firm 2:32

Boise Sanders supporters hold firm

Leon Panetta on public service 1:44

Leon Panetta on public service

Idaho Statesman bowl preview 3:05

Idaho Statesman bowl preview