Apologies for being so sick of apologies

I apologize for being so sick of apologies. No, I take that back. What is this with apologies these days? Apologies have been a running story and meme, an actual industry covered ad nauseum by cable channels, as if they’re important.

Letters to the Editor

Hayes letter: GOP, CHIP

On Thursday (June 7) U.S. House Republicans voted to eliminate $15 million of what they called “wasteful spending.” Nearly half of that $15 million was funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. On Friday (June 8), the Center for Disease Control reported that the 2017-2018 flu season set a record for child flu deaths.

Why this mom is inspired to update Idaho's sex education laws

Hannah Gayle gave birth to twins while she was in high school becoming a teen mom. Now, she hopes to update Idaho's sex-ed laws from the 1970's to help teens today.