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These determined friends didn’t want their remarkable neighbor to leave this world alone

We lose friends and neighbors and veterans every day, sometimes without getting to hear about the incredible lives of people who don’t seem remarkable to outsiders. Frank Lane Myers’ neighors on the Boise Bench didn’t let that happen.


I’m a scientist. President Trump made me a whistleblower

I believe that every president, regardless of party, has the right and responsibility to implement his policies. But that is not what is happening here. Silencing civil servants, stifling science, squandering taxpayer money and spurning communities in the face of imminent danger have never made America great.

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Rogers letter: Health care

Obamacare, Trumpcare, Redcare, Bluecare make me not care. What happened to the American people care? We need to stop fighting, take time to examine the health care now in place and then repair any deficiencies. It is only after America is put first that anything good happen.

Letters to the Editor

Maley letter: Climate change

The Trump administration is considering a governmentwide initiative to challenge the science of climate change; this misguided effort is designed to undermine the scientific consensus of anthropogenic climate change (ACC). Trump’s war on science is taking a serious turn. Apparently, Scott Pruitt (EPA) and Rick Perry (Energy) intend to cast doubt on ACC by using science denialist strategies. Recently, Trump set the stage by removing climate change information from agency websites, defunding science programs and pulling out of the 2015 Paris accord.

Letters to the Editor

Lorentz letter: F-35 mission

“Opponents of F-35 denied space inside Open House” is the title to an online boiseguardian.com article published this past January. According to the article, opponents were denied entry to the open house so people would not become confused. Some open house. A USAF 2012 Environmental Statement shows that at least 10,000 homes will be classified as “Not suitable for residential use” with an estimated loss of home values in the $50-70 million range (based on 2012 prices). Please note that this $50-70 million is coming out of homeowners’ equity. This is a shameful way to treat existing homeowners, and the citizens of Boise need to know about it and demand that the city and airport deal with residents in good faith.

Letters to the Editor

Lippincott letter: Motorcycle deaths

Follow the numbers. In the U.S. about 2.6 million people die each year, which works out to about 7,000 every single day. Living is a risky game. Most of them are from natural causes, led by cancer, heart disease and lung diseases. Accidental deaths with 370 each day is the fourth-leading cause of death and the only nonillness cause of death, aside from suicide, in the list of top 10 most likely ways you can die. Of those accidental deaths 100 are from an auto accident. On that same day 12 will die riding a motorcycle, even though motorcycles account for less than 1 percent of the total miles driven by all vehicles. You are over 10 times as likely to die on a motorcycle compared to someone driving a car or truck going the same distance. So given these numbers, the alarming fact that 100 people die every day in automobiles when they are protected by mass, metal, seat belts and airbags and that motorcycles share the road with these huge speeding masses of metal, why would you ever risk your life on a motorcycle without the simple precaution of a helmet?

Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: Mental health

Why are mental health and suicides left on the back burner? Look at where we rank in suicides and look at how many vets die a day, but Idaho has a shortage of facilities and mental health is understaffed. The GOP needs to do more in caring and showing compassion in addressing the issues. Mental health is a real issue when you look at homelessness, poverty, addiction, hunger because they are a struggle to overcome and create anger and frustration and something needs to be done. So Democrats and GOP, work together and give people some hope, because there are too many drowning in a sea of sorrow. I’m frustrated and angry because I have been there, and, yes, I have a mental health issue with depression, and I know what it is to feel suicidal because I’ve been there, too. I know what it is to have nightmares and to isolate yourself because I’ve been there, too. The reason I’m telling you this is because we all have issues.


Millennials of color snubbed Hillary Clinton — and they have no regrets

“They” are millennials of color who either didn’t vote or voted third party. And for Cornell Belcher, the president of Brilliant Corners Research & Strategies, who was the pollster for the Democratic National Committee under then-Chairman Howard Dean and for both of Barack Obama’s campaigns for the White House, this makes them the new swing voters the Democratic Party should be trying to win over. And ‘you’re damn right, I don’t have any loyalty to Democrats,’ said one participant in a Fort Lauderdale focus group.

Letters to the Editor

Frahm letter: Government and religion

This letter is my “grain of salt” to the commentary piece published (print edition only) on July 3, “The Declaration, the Constitution and the Bible,” by Daniel L. Dreisbach. He argues that the Bible, both Old and New Testament, were the primary philosophical basis of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and he has made a career as a proponent of this view. Unfortunately, Dreisbach understates or ignores the influence of the evolution of British constitutional history, from divine-right kings, e.g. James I, to the emergence of early parliamentary democracy by the 1700s. He ignores the appeal the history of Greek and Roman democracies had on the enlightenment men who were the authors of the Declaration and the Constitution. He downplays the obvious influence of John Locke on the language of the Declaration (“life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”), the influence of Baron de Montesquieu on the Constitution (separation of powers), and the influence of the concept of “natural law” from Aristotle used by both Locke and Montesquieu. Note that the Constitution (before it was amended) mentioned religion only once, and that was to prohibit any religious test as a condition for holding public office.

Letters to the Editor

Erkel letter: Lack of logic

Carolyn Trino’s correction of another writer’s usage of “me” instead of “I” was, grammatically, correct. However, she then concluded that one person’s (presumed) age qualified as grounds to take an entire generation to task for a lack of education. Perhaps some statistics and logic classes, along with English, would have taught Ms. Trino something about sample sizes. A group of one cannot be cited as a logical example to deduct a lack of education for millions. Next time she’d like to paint such a large group as lacking education, some foundation for her conclusions would advance her argument. And sorry, but you won’t get that in English, either.


The future of Idaho’s salmon remains as uncertain today as in the 1990s

Rocky Barker, environmental reporter for The Idaho Statesman talks about his upcoming trip to follow endangered salmon from the Pacific to Idaho spawning streams.
Kyle Green kgreen@idahostatesman.com
The future of Idaho’s salmon remains as uncertain today as in the 1990s 1:32

The future of Idaho’s salmon remains as uncertain today as in the 1990s

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Sikhs in Boise and U.S. say: "We are Americans."

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Interior Secretary Jewell recounts events that kept her up at night

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