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Gardeners use raised beds to bypass root, weed and soil issues

Photojournalist Katherine Jones impressed with plant growth in new raised beds

Long touted for helping those with physical challenges, raised beds offer other benefits

Even after you put in a raised bed, you’ll still need to work to keep roots and weeds at bay

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Inspired by the boma, fence options are numerous

Nomadic tribes in Africa raise livestock amid the most ferocious predatory mammals in the world. Keeping their families goats and cattle safe, particularly at night, is not easy. Long ago, the kraal was devised by cutting wickedly sharp thorny brush to stack into a dense, round enclosure for protecting both human and animal overnight. During colonial times, the word “boma” was applied to these uniquely circular enclosures made of local materials throughout Africa.

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Style at Home: Contain your happiness: Beautiful bouquets brighten your home

Life is sweeter when we allow ourselves simple indulgences every day. For me, it's starting every morning quietly, with coffee in a cup made by my great niece, watching the sunrise reflect on the lake. It's melting into a hot bubble bath after a long day. It's filling my home with treasures that brighten my heart and make me smile, like beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers.

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How two dreams became one Seattle dream home

SEATTLE - You work and work, imagine and plan, launch your son into adulthood and then ... It Is Time. Time to build your very own grown-up Dream Home. Pavel Lobanov and Mila Lobanova were there: They had a divine high-up site in View Ridge (which did not earn its name accidentally). They had a highly recommended architect (design principal Rick Mohler of Mohler + Ghillino Architects). And they had a budget for building (though it was tight).

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Ask Angie: Best siding choice for golf course homes

Dear Angie: We live on a golf course and golf balls always hit our house. We need to replace the siding, but it doesn't make sense to do it with the same product that'll get damaged over and over again. Is there a product that won't crack or show damage when hit by a golf ball?

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Design Recipes: 10 space-saving tips for kids' bedrooms

From toys to clothing, finding a home for everything a child may need is often a challenge. Preserving space is often at the top of the must-dos list in addition to proper organization. With many Americans choosing to downsize, rooms have gotten smaller, but the good news is there are perhaps more design options on the market than ever to help maximize space.

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12 tips for beautiful organization

When it comes to our favorite part of beautifying a home, storage and organization rarely rank high. And rightly so; we often consider cleaning a chore, brushing it aside as an annoyance or time-zapping task to deal with later. But here's the thing: Science suggests that your messy home is more than just an eyesore. Researchers from UCLA's Center on Everyday Lives and Families found that women who live in a cluttered home have higher levels of cortisol, a stress-related hormone. In other words, those strewn dirty clothes could take a serious toll on your health, as well as the look of your home. Convinced that it's time to tidy up? Follow these timeless storage hacks to update your home - and bid stress bye-bye.

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Plumber: A leaky shower mystery

Q: Dear Ed: I am a semi-retired finish carpenter. My second floor shower stall is unusable as water leaks on to the ceiling below when used. All my friends have said it's the old tile shower pan. Before I start ripping out the entire shower stall, do you have any ideas on how I can find out what exactly is causing the leak?


Take a walk through Boise’s Warm Springs Castle home

Boise mathematician and scientist Tim Barber built what’s come to be known as the “Boise Castle” on Warm Springs Avenue in 2010. Its construction on Boise’s historic Warm Springs Avenue initially fomented comments and controversy, but now is part of the neighborhood’s fabric. It’s now up for sale for $3.4 million.
Provided by Blu Fish Photography
Take a walk through Boise’s Warm Springs Castle home 2:50

Take a walk through Boise’s Warm Springs Castle home

Dig In: Wake up and smell the compost 3:11

Dig In: Wake up and smell the compost

Dig In: Petting young plants preps them for life outdoors 2:38

Dig In: Petting young plants preps them for life outdoors

Dig In: Plant spuds without breaking Idaho law 2:20

Dig In: Plant spuds without breaking Idaho law