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Movie review: 'The Bad Batch' reveals a muddled but visually striking Texas-set dystopia

The title of "The Bad Batch," Ana Lily Amirpour's arid and feverish new movie, refers to the assorted undesirables who have been exiled by the U.S. government to a vast and barely habitable stretch of Texas wasteland. Under a merciless sun, a sullen new arrival named Arlen (the British actress Suki Waterhouse) is promptly captured by a gang of iron-pumping cannibals who tie her up, drug her and divest her of an arm and a leg.

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Movie review: 'After the Storm' is a quiet family drama that glows

Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda's enchanting movies are woven from the same gentle cloth: quiet, deceptively uncomplicated stories of families. We watch, leaning in to listen, waiting for something earthshaking to happen – and suddenly we realize that these characters have become a part of us. "Nobody Knows" was the heartbreaking tale of four young siblings abandoned by their mother; "Like Father, Like Son" brought us two couples devastated to learn that their children were switched at birth; "Our Little Sister" introduced a stepsibling into a family of grown sisters, letting us watch as she – and we – became part of a clan.

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Couple revealing their past makes for 'The Big Sick'

"The Big Sick" is the story of a Pakistani-American stand-up comedian, not unlike the film's star Kumail Nanjiani, who falls for a spunky woman from North Carolina, just like Nanjiani's real-life wife Emily V. Gordon. The romantic comedy follows a storyline of how the pair meet-cute, face a deadly health issue and discover there's no real obstacle big enough to stop two people in love. That's both what happens in the film and what occurred in the life of the writers. But despite all the parallels, Nanjiani feels better describing the new movie as "being inspired" by their real story.


Curtis Stigers: One More For The Road trailer

Boise jazz vocalist Curtis Stigers recorded a live performance with the Danish Radio Big Band of the songs from Frank Sinatra's "Sinatra at the Sands" in 2014. The album is being released on Jan. 20, 2017 for the 50th anniversary of Sinatra's album release. Hear Stigers talk about the experience in this video.
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Curtis Stigers: One More For The Road trailer 2:14

Curtis Stigers: One More For The Road trailer

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