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Movie review: 'Power Rangers,' '90s reboot takes itself way too seriously

Parents need to know that "Power Rangers" is the big-screen reboot of the hugely popular '90s TV show about a team of teen superheroes who are imbued with powers from ancient crystal coins. Unlike earlier takes on the characters, this movie amps up the violence and features strong language and mature themes (teen substance use, juvenile detention, cyberbullying, questions about sexual identity, and more). So even though it might appeal to young elementary-aged kids, it's far better suited for middle-schoolers and up. There's mass destruction, with a relatively high body count, as well as injuries, crashes, fights, and more. On the language front, characters use words like "s--t" and "a--," as well as one "motherf" that's purposely cut short. Subtle hints at potential romance include longing looks and flirting, and there are references to how someone digitally shared a student's inappropriate photo. Positive messages mirror those of the original series: teamwork, courage, training, sacrifice, and trust.

Movie News & Reviews

Raunchy ‘CHIPS’ will have you chuckling in spite of yourself

The randy action-comedy “CHIPS” is pitched right to that 18-24 demographic, but that audience is probably wondering what this whole California Highway Patrol movie is about. Two words, teens: Erik Estrada. He was the ultimate late ‘70s small-screen sex symbol and people were really into his hair – at least according to what we’ve been able to glean from the “CHiPS” detritus that always seems to be in the pop cultural ether.


Curtis Stigers: One More For The Road trailer

Boise jazz vocalist Curtis Stigers recorded a live performance with the Danish Radio Big Band of the songs from Frank Sinatra's "Sinatra at the Sands" in 2014. The album is being released on Jan. 20, 2017 for the 50th anniversary of Sinatra's album release. Hear Stigers talk about the experience in this video.
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Curtis Stigers: One More For The Road trailer 2:14

Curtis Stigers: One More For The Road trailer

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