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    Morsi ousted as Egypt's president

    CAIRO - Egypt’s military on Wednesday deposed Mohammed Morsi, the nation’s first freely elected president, suspending the constitution, installing an interim government and insisting it was responding to the millions of Egyptians who had opposed Morsi’s Islamist agenda and his...


    Secrets piling up faster than government can declassify some

    In the darkened stacks of a nondescript building in the suburbs outside Washington, dozens of federal employees wearing protective gloves spend day after day sifting through millions of pages of secret documents, some of them nearly a century old. The 70 staffers of the National Declassification...


    Intelligence Director declassifies law to explain massive phone, Internet surveillance

    President Barack Obama’s administration on Thursday defended a newly disclosed National Security Agency program that gathers telephone records of tens of millions of Verizon customers, authorized under a secret court order.


    So far, sequester turns out to be tremors, not earthquake

    Taken as a whole, the impact of the mandated across-the-board cuts “so far has been really teeny,” said Barry Anderson, deputy director of the National Governor’s Association. The U.S. economy is showing signs of improvement, with housing prices up, gasoline prices down and ...


    IRS may have targeted conservatives more broadly

    While the developing scandal over the IRS’s targeting of conservatives has largely focused on its scrutiny of groups with words such as “tea party” or “patriot” in their names, new examples could point to a secret political vendetta within the government against...


    The search for Spooky 21: Messages in a handful of debris

    Nearly half a century passed before the suspected remains of six airmen made the journey from a rice paddy in southeastern Laos to a forensics lab near Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.


    The search for Spooky 21: Answers absent in hunt for plane

    In military lingo, the location of the lost crew of Spooky 21 was a classic SWAG: Scientific Wild-Ass Guess. That’s the term investigators use for figuring out something as unpredictable as where a plane should have crashed when it got shot out of the sky in Laos.


    The search for Spooky 21: A long-ago war, a missing plane

    Maj. Derrell Jeffords bounced his roaring Spooky 21 down and off the runway at Da Nang Air Base in Vietnam. It was just before 7:30 a.m., on Christmas Eve 1965. The big camouflaged belly of his twin-prop AC-47 was easily visible against a blue sky as he banked west.


    Fired IRS chief clashes with Congress

    The embattled and departing head of the IRS on Friday defended as proper the actions taken by IRS employees who selected for close scrutiny tea party groups and other conservative organizations.


    Multiple controversies suddenly plague Obama

    The honeymoon, if there ever was one, is over. Four months into his second term, President Barack Obama finds himself under siege from members of both parties and the media for a series of crises that has stalled his policy priorities and threatened to engulf the second half of his presidency.

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