Letter: West YMCA

July 18, 2014 

I am writing regarding Axiom and the Idaho Athletic Club's attempt to revoke the West YMCA's tax exempt status.

The Y does not compete directly with these entities. Their main mission is to provide help and services to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Axiom and the Idaho Athletic Club's business model does not allow for this.

Most YMCA members understand that a portion of their monthly membership fees goes directly to those less fortunate ... those who otherwise could not afford to send their kids to camp or take swimming lessons or learn valuable leadership life skills.

I want to ask the 54,000 Treasure Valley YMCA members to educate the public about the Y's goals and mission. Encourage people to stand up for the principles that the YMCA asks all of their members to live by ... and reset your personal goals to make sure that everyone in this community gets a fair shake and access to those programs that really matter.

Let's see Axiom and the Idaho Athletic Club step up and be even half of what the Treasure Valley YMCA represents.

Alan Head, Boise

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