Letter: Guns on campus

July 18, 2014 

t's laughable to read of the angst the universities are exhibiting regarding law-abiding people carrying concealed weapons on campus. The former seem to spend too much time in their ivory towers and away from the real world. In the real world, people know that those who spend the time and money to get the enhanced license are far, far more law abiding than the general population. Criminals don't bother getting them. Permit holders take the carrying of a concealed weapon very seriously.

Their presence will deter criminals by making criminals wonder who might stop them, instead of their current "no cop, no stop" attitude. When was the last time a police station was robbed? They hold things criminals want - property rooms with drugs, cash, jewelry, grateful hookers and gang members, etc. Police stations don't get robbed because there are men with guns there.

Universities should be thankful that these law-abiding people will be there to deter crime and help respond if needed. All of the mass shootings making the news were stopped when the shooter faced opposition from the police, armed guards and even unarmed individuals.

There are few so ignorant and dumb as the highly educated.

Chris Bolton, Meridian

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