Letter: Be courteous

July 17, 2014 

To those who come up to McCall from the Valley - Welcome to McCall. We hope you enjoy your time at the lake and in the forests. While you are up here, and out and about, please do some simple things to allow the people who come up after you to enjoy their experience too.

1) If you are enjoying beers, or food along the lake, or anywhere, please carry out all of the beer cans and trash that you make. Animals scatter this trash around, and it looks bad, and the locals usually have to clean up after everyone goes back home.

2) If you are driving around, please slow down for pedestrians and bikers. This keeps everyone safe, and keeps them from getting dusted.

3) This is the most important. If you must use the bathroom in the woods, please bury solids at least eight inches below the surface, and carry out the TP. Our dogs end up digging up human waste near the campsites. There are port-a-potties in some places for your use.

There are a ton of people trying to share this small space, so please help out, by doing your part.

Allison Baker,

year-round resident, McCall

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