Letter: Right wingers

July 17, 2014 

As Marty Peterson's guest opinion on the Statesman's 2008 presidential endorsement noted, one of the key decision factors was Sen. McCain's disastrous choice of the least qualified vice presidential candidate in modern memory: Sarah Palin.

While in Alaska, Palin hired a law firm and a PR firm to get her name in the national spotlight, yet when she was asked which periodicals she read, she couldn't answer. But then those of us who follow the rightwingnuts know, they don't read - like Antonin Scalia they just get a daily dose of baloney from the rightwingnut talk shows.

In his 2013 novel "Christian Nation," lawyer Frederic Rich showed just how disastrous the Palin choice could have been. Rich postulates the elderly McCain dying, making Palin president. Palin proceeds to turn America into a theocracy where those of us who don't share her beliefs get stoned according to biblical laws.

Think the novel is wrong? Just read the literature of the folks who call themselves Christian Reconstructionists and Christian Dominionists and you'll see just how vicious an American theocracy would be. The five Republican clerics on the Supreme Court are just a foretaste of what's to come. Shades of the Taliban!

Gary L. Bennett, Emmett

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