Letter: 3-D mammography

July 15, 2014 

As a doctor specially trained in breast cancer screening, I wish to respond to The AP article you ran (3-D mammogram scans may find more breast cancer) and the new study demonstrating the benefits of 3-D mammography.

The recent JAMA study clearly states 3-D finds more invasive or dangerous cancers at an earlier stage, when they are most treatable. The article also proves that 3-D substantially curtails the number of unnecessary callbacks, thereby reducing patient anxiety and unnecessary follow-up exams. Moreover, I can personally attest from my practice that 3-D mammography is saving lives in our region.

Our hospital, at great expense and without any increase in price to our patients or promise of additional reimbursement from insurers, invested in this technology for the benefit of our patients. All women should have access to 3-D mammography, but not all hospitals can afford this technology. It is my hope that with such a large study, the government and local insurers will listen to the science and begin to provide adequate reimbursement to enable every patient to receive 3-D in all corners of this state.

Christin Reisenauer, M.D.,

medical director of imaging,

Gritman Medical Center, Moscow

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