Letter: Contagious diseases

July 15, 2014 

Nancy Pelosi made the following comments during a weekend visit at the Texas/Mexico border holding station for illegal kids. Her quote, "we must view this as an opportunity, not a crisis; what we saw in those rooms was (a) dazzlingly and sparkling array of God's children worthy of respect."

My vision was intact, however; what rattled my brain was the first asymptomatic carrier, Typhoid Mary, of an infectious microbe around the 1900s in New York. She was a germ distributor; unfortunately, many of her contacts ended up deceased. Contagious diseases are often killers.

An ER doctor confirmed that a major outbreak from these illegal kids can cause a massive threat of the health of Americans. So has anybody seen the "germ detectives" give credence to this doctor's observation?

The Center for Disease Control normally focuses much time on preventing nasty microbes infections, so where are they now? Hopefully, not awaiting for the president to send out a directive. Many of the 60,000 kids are carrying dangerous, contagious diseases.

Ask anybody who has been to Haiti and seen a cholera death; for sure, immediate interventions are warranted.

Mary C.L. Malloy, Boise

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