Letter: Population growth

July 14, 2014 

The American Academy of Scientists holds the position that the optimal population the U.S. landmass can healthily sustain is 150 million, the number living here at the time of the Korean War. That view is based on the realization that resources are finite and will be used up if human demand exceeds the supply of nature's bounty. Small wonder the American government is espousing global economic colonization by the corporate state. We can't maintain our quality of life without exploiting the people and resources of the rest of the world. Water will be the gold of the future.

America's population has exploded to about 323 million since the 1950s, even though we have achieved natural zero population growth. That's because our bankrupt government brings in 2.25 million refugees a year (The Washington Group). This is unsustainable. There are 50 million native-born Americans living below the poverty level and another 50 million right at the poverty level. Yet immigrants - legal and illegal - are given two out of three jobs available. Middle-class Canadians have surpassed their American counterparts in expendable income.

Demographers predict 440 million people in America by 2040. That's three times the carrying capacity of the land. Need I say more?


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