Letter: National monument

July 14, 2014 

We're lucky here in Idaho. Idaho is home to the largest roadless area in the lower 48 states. A central part of that are the Boulder and White Cloud mountain ranges, which contain numerous peaks over 10,000 feet tall, beautiful forested valleys and pristine mountain lakes. These areas serve as important habitats to a wide range of wildlife, including mountain goats, elk and bull trout. Unfortunately, these ranges are not fully protected. Idaho is growing quickly, and these wild places remain threatened by unregulated motorized use, mining and development.

The Boulder-White Clouds are long overdue for protection. A Boulder-White Clouds National Monument is the best way to get that protection. We need a plan to ensure future generations can enjoy this landscape as we do today. The wilderness character at the core of this landscape is essential to ensuring our lands remain as intact and natural as possible, a place where man is for once the visitor. It is important that we act now to preserve some of the only lands left that remain unspoiled.

By protecting the Boulder-White Clouds, we are giving a priceless gift to future generations. I support this effort and hope to see it move swiftly.


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