Letter: Politics

July 14, 2014 

Who is running the country? The people or a single person in the White House? As a sitting senator states on the border of Mexico "that we are a community with a border running through it," obviously he has no concept of what a union is comprised of.

Meanwhile, the White House states that it will continue using executive actions to move issues through a legislative branch that has let the people down by not implementing the White House's misguided reforms, or have they?

So, if I'm to understand it, Congress fails to act on these misguided reforms, and they're blamed for not doing their job. Elected officials represent those who put them in power, and I certainly did not ask the White House to allow this influx of illegals to cross our borders. I also didn't want Obamacare shoved down my throat, and I also didn't want to step back into the mess in the Middle East.

It sounds as if the White House is dictating their misguided reforms, which is definitely not how our forefathers intended on things panning out, a couple of centuries later. Think about that, America, as you've just celebrated your Fourth of July.


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