Letter: Freedoms

July 14, 2014 

We live in a land of milk and honey, a land of liberty, for which I am so grateful. However, I have sensed change in the wind - I sense our freedoms slipping away; where we the people no longer have a voice in our government. As the executive and judicial branches override the vote of the people, tyranny arises.

Our constitutional designers would be grieved in this day and age, as would be thousands upon thousands of soldiers who gave their utmost that we might have life with liberty.

As truly "free" people, we have freedom of choice within our laws. A lifestyle of marriage consisting of one man married to one woman, as our creator intended, was voted by the people and passed as law in many states - only to be struck down by one person, a federal judge, thereby disregarding the people's vote. Life in the Land of Liberty denotes one's freedom to choose with whom they do business, to whom they rent, or with whom they associate, without fear of lawsuit. Bully-rule is not well-accepted by the people. Perhaps if we speak louder, hope of our forefathers will again arise.


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