Letter: Tea party

July 13, 2014 

The tea party's short but infamous impact on history merits a word in the dictionary to define its unique ideology. I nominate the following: Teapology/tee-pol-o-gee; n:

An ideology driven by: 1) unbridled hatred of the federal government, taxes and political compromise; 2) belief in white male dominance; 3) contempt for minority groups, the poor and the "elite learned;" 4) low regard for women; 5) obsessive need to control women's sexual and reproductive choices; 6) worship of wealth and Ayn Rand principles; 7) rejection of history, science, logic and facts that contradict Teapologists' beliefs; 8) faith in talk-radio and Faux News "truths;" 9) belief that lies or myths repeated often enough become "truth;" 10) dogged belief in repeatedly failed policies and tactics (e.g., trickle-down economics, repealing Obamacare); 11) obsession with apocalyptic conspiracy theories including a tyrannical U.S. government "takeover;" 12) belief that non-Teapologists are lazy, government-dependent "takers" unworthy of liberties Teapologists deserve; 13) belief that wearing American-flag apparel while waving the Confederate flag and/or shouting "secession" makes them patriots; and 14) belief in only those parts of the U.S. Constitution, democratic process and Bible that favor Teapology dogma.

Synonyms: obstructionism, fanaticism, radicalism, extremism.


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