Lake Lowell boat ramps headed for seasonal closure

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanJuly 12, 2014 

Summer Lake Lowell fishing.


Two of the three major boat ramps are expected to close early next week due to low water.

The boat ramps at the Lower Dam Recreation Area and at the west end of the Upper Dam will close when the water level dips below an elevation of 2,519 feet. At that point, it becomes unsafe to launch boats.

The low water can damage boats, motors, trailers and tow vehicles. It can almost make it difficult or impossible to float a boat off most trailers.

The elevation early Saturday morning was listed at 2,519.33 feet, according to the federal Bureau of Reclamation.

Two undeveloped ramps at Parking Lots 1 and 7 on the south side of the lake will close at the same time.

Boaters can still launch their vessels at the ramp at the east end of the Upper Dam, just off Iowa Avenue.

Water levels can be found here

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