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Let their be lights.

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanJuly 11, 2014 

Shine a light on your camp.


For some reason, I seem to get a lot of emails from gear companies about their lights for camping and other outdoor activities, so I spotlighted a few here. Check them out: 

Rayovac Virtually Indestructible Sportsman Spotlight

Any company that puts “indestructable” on its product is bold, delusional or a little of both. But Rayovac says it drop tested this light up to 30 feet. Unless you’re a rock climber, that’s probably higher than you will drop it on your camping trip. 

This flashlight offers three light modes -- high, medium or low -- and provides 500 lumens. The spotlight comes with six AA alkaline batteries, which provide a 10-hour run time.

If it doesn’t live up the indestructible part, it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Here’s the company's sales pitch: “Completely submersible, the virtually indestructible spotlight can be submerged into one meter of water and remain waterproof for up to 30 minutes.”

Price: $39.99

For more information go to here.

Rayovac Virtually Indestructible Lantern

Here’s is the spotlight’s companion for campers. The 400 lumen LED can be placed into three light modes: high, medium or low. 

Running on three D alkaline batteries, this lantern has up to a 280-hour battery runtime, providing a long-lasting and reliable source of light for all kinds of camping and other outdoor activities. It also has a lifetime warranty. 

Here’s the company's sales pitch:  “The compact design and convenient handle allows for easy use while the shatterproof lens and reflector make this product virtually indestructible.”

Price: $29.99. 

For more information go to here.

 Impeltronics Extendable Magnetic Flashlight 

Maybe this is more for around the house or in your truck than outdoors, but it’s another cool light. 

It is an extendable, telescoping, magnetic flashlight. This three-LED flashlight shines bright and is has a sturdy aluminum telescoping magnet that includes a strong stainless steel pocket clip. It looks similar to the classic mini-mag light, but extends from a compact 6.75 inches to almost 22 inches. 

Here’s the company's sales pitch: “This is a product that truly lends a hand. The customer gains a free hand by only needing to hold one tool. Stick the flashlight to a magnetic surface using the strong bottom magnet for completely hands-free directed light!”

Price: $20.99

For more information go to here.

Olympia RG850 flashlight

This is a high-end LED flashlight that is waterproof, impact resistant and has a non-slip grip making it just as easy to use with gloves or without. To make it a little more handy and environmentally friendly, it has a micro-USB charging port, so you can recharge the batteries. It also comes with a two-year warranty. 

It provides a powerful 850 lumens max output and features five light settings including high, middle, low and a strobe and SOS setting for emergency situations. The RG850 automatically memorizes the last used setting mode after being turned off. 

Here’s the company's sales pitch: “This give off a powerful 850 lumens, which is intense enough to light up an entire camp area and features a beam distance of 389 meters. 

Price: $89.99.

For more information go here.

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