Letter: Hobby Lobby case

July 11, 2014 

The recent Hobby Lobby case puzzles me. The greatest threat to Planet Earth today is human overpopulation. Nonrenewable resources are being used up at an incredible and increasing pace; pollution of air, land and water is increasing as well; and habitats for all other species are being destroyed for the benefit of a rapidly bloating human population.

Science points to many looming and disastrous consequences, should we fail to reign in population growth in this century.

Why, then, did five men on the Supreme Court turn to their personal religious beliefs in placing a barrier to the very thing most needed in the world today - contraception? And for the pro-life crowd, who also tend to be against contraception and comprehensive sex education for religious reasons, let's be clear:

Contraception prevents abortion, and education leads to better choices. America has one of the highest abortion rates in the world, due in large part to the abstinence-only mindset of the pro-life movement.

What will it take for our governance to quit using beliefs and emotions in decision making and start using knowledge and common sense?

Today, July 11, is World Population Day. Become informed.


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