Body Renew gyms close in Valley; customers seek refunds

KBOI-TV (Channel 2)July 10, 2014 

Members are angry after Body Renew Fitness centers around the Treasure Valley suddenly closed their doors Wednesday, KBOI-TV reports. Not everyone will get a refund.

In an email sent out to customers, the company said those who already paid for July will be able to finish out the month at a different nearby gym. The email said those who hadn't been billed before Tuesday, July 8, won't be billed at all. Those who were billed on Wednesday, July 9, will notice that the transaction will fall off their account within the next few days.

Dozens of customers showed up at locations confused about why the doors were locked. Members like Angela Stewart of Boise were frustrated that there wasn't any warning.

"We have a prepaid membership so we are pretty upset, and it's pretty frustrating as a consumer to ride over here a couple of miles," Stewart told the station. "Show up and there are no lights on."

Members are also asking for a refund of an annual $25 fee designated for facility improvements. It was charged to customers like Liz Burlo a week ago.

"Obviously I feel like that was a rip-off, because it's obviously not being used to improve the facility," Burlo said.

The station's calls to owners were not returned.

The Better Business Bureau said if your gym closes, and you have automatic withdrawal, it's important to freeze future charges to your credit card and contact your bank about the automatic withdrawals.

Other gyms are also helping members who lost out. Some are offering membership at no charge through August. Others are willing to waive any join-up fees and match the customers' old rates.

Body Renew operated two gyms in Boise, two in Meridian and one in Star. Some included tanning salons.

The Idaho Statesman contributed.

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