New Meridian dog park on the way

July 10, 2014 

Sad dog face: In January, the city closed its only dog park, located near the police station, to make way for a new public safety training center, leaving canines nowhere of their own to cavort in the city.

Happy dog face: The Meridian City Council on Wednesday agreed to fast-track a new dog park, approving the funding now instead of in the next budget cycle so the park can be ready by Memorial Day 2015.

Small dogs, big dogs: The 2.25-acre park will be in the undeveloped southern portion of Storey Park near Meridian Speedway. It will include a half-acre section for small dogs and a 1.75-acre section for large dogs, according to Meridian Parks Director Steve Siddoway. "This is good news for Meridian dog owners. We are excited to bring them a new dog park next year," he said.

View New Meridian Dog Park in a larger map

People stuff, too: The city will add a parking lot, restrooms and other improvements to complete the 19-acre park. The dog park will cost $226,408, and other improvements will cost $1.34 million. All construction should be completed before June 2015.

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