Letter: Children at the border

July 10, 2014 

Consider the children at our border. Do you have to help them? No. But if you want to help them, let them come. Give each pair the address of a different church or city hall and a bus ticket. Every city hall, church, temple, synagogue and mosque was created to serve mankind. If they will not help, what purpose do they serve?

Ten times as many people die from bad drinking water every day as are killed by bullets and war. Let the children carry purified water to consumers, and ask $1 per gallon, but accept whatever is offered. They will learn to profit by serving others, and their customers can reward them based on merit. What greater gift to bestow a child than a path to prosperity?

Only by serving others do we inspire them to serve us in return. Helping children learn to serve others serves everyone, and it's more fun and profitable than teaching them to kill each other. Our children can lead the world away from death and taxes to a future of mutual trust and common vision, if you let them. What say you?


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