Letter: Trading

July 7, 2014 

Oh wow ... this entire ordeal with Bowe Bergdahl has provided the answer we needed on fixing the economy, getting rid of deadbeat politicians, creating jobs and giving us all more laughs than we could ever get from Jon Stewart.

We all now know letting a terribly inexperienced, teleprompter-reading, thoughtless prevaricator extraordinaire was a very bad idea for our country - and if it weren't for this fiasco with Bergdahl, this pixilated idea would never have come to me. It's so simple I can't believe no one thought of this.

Trading. Yes trading. It's the backbone of our economical engine. It's done all the time. Companies, corporations - even countries do this. An exchange for services or products by individuals or entities.

We just traded Bergdahl's life for five of the most notorious, horrifying, nefarious, lying, butchering, creepy, nauseous human beings ever to exist. These Taliban jihadists, known for strapping bombs on children to kill we infidels, will stop at nothing ... sorta like how we elect the same clowns to run our country.

Enter Hillary, Harry, Joe, Barack and Nancy. That's our five. In exchange we'll take anyone/anything the enemy offers. Anything. Problem solved.

Dano Savino, Nampa

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