Letter: Meridian schools

July 7, 2014 

With Idaho schools ranked 48th in the nation and the Meridian School District ranked six out of a possible 10 (6.5 or a 65 was an F when I was in school), they must think a name change and all that it will cost is a good use of taxpayer money. Why not use it to improve all the "below average" schools they have in the district? I don't understand why when the district pays the same money to all its schools that they have such a large gap between their "below average" performing schools and their great schools. Now they are asking for more money for more schools, but what guarantee do we get that the new school will be a "below average" school or an "above average" school? What is your kid's school ranking?

Check it out at Great Schools: greatschools.org. Get involved and ask questions. They are your kids and it is your money.

Gary Smith, Star

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