Book Addicts: Spotlight on Northwest authors

Idaho StatesmanJuly 6, 2014 


by Audrey Sullins (Boise); Createspace ($15.99)

Audrey Sullins never expected the adventure she had when in 2008 she went to Louisiana to help people reconstruct their lives in the wake of Hurricane Gustav. Expecting to work in New Orleans, Sullins ended up in the bayou as an independent disaster inspector. This is the story of her time with the poorest of the poor, the uneducated, the sick and hungry who taught her lessons about forgiveness, family, courage and love.


by Bea Dubois (Northwest); Tate Publishing ($20.99)

Reverend Ellsworth and his wife, Marybeth, lead revivals as they travel across rural Texas in 1913. When winter approaches, they accept a position at Briarwood Cottage, a home for unwed mothers. Unknowingly, they step into a home for girls with a history of incarceration, abuse and prostitution.

Briarwood Cottage takes you back in time to the excitement of camp-meetings, the struggles of the itinerant preacher and the hidden lives of homeless unwed mothers.


by David Ogle (Boise); West Wind ($7.95)

A wounded lioness fighting off a savage attack from a pack of hyenas, an aging wolf scavenging for food amid the heavy snows of a high mountain basin, an African python searching through the jungles of the Congo River Basin for his mate who has been ingloriously abducted by rapacious white hunters. These are among the stories included within - a compilation of wilderness tales that unfold in the darkest corners of the planet. It is a different realm where creatures of diverse origins and habits struggle to persevere in desperate circumstances, a journey into the minds and hearts of living beings trying to sustain their existence against improbable odds - a poignant exploration of the primordial instinct to survive.

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