Letter: Climate

July 6, 2014 

Climate change has been a prominent topic in the pages of the Statesman recently. On the front page of the June 24 paper we saw a picture of sheep drinking water trucked in to them on very dry landscape, showcasing the difficult times in store for farmers using public grazing lands all over the West. In the June 25 paper, the Business section reported the results of a climate report funded by a bipartisan coalition of business and political figures that suggested a menacing future awaits us if we, as a society, take no action to reverse the present climate trends. While we can celebrate the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the major portion of the EPA ruling to limit emissions by major producers of heat-trapping gases, the National Association of Manufacturers suggested that such regulation will make the U.S. less competitive. In the short term this may be true, but in the long term the result will be improved power generation, more efficient manufacturing, job creation and a reduction of the impact of climate change. Denial is not an option; let us bite the bullet and do our part. It will not be cheap, but the alternative is not very pretty.


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