Letter: Fox News

July 5, 2014 

The popularity of Fox News is a tribute to their uncanny ability to convince a large number of gullible listeners that their reporting of the news is actually "fair and balanced." "The Five" is a daily talk show on Fox that is a perfect example of their fair and balanced concept.

Bob Beckel is the lone co-host who has Democratic leanings. He is pitted each day against Greg Gutfeld and three other Fox News talking heads who are so far right they would probably consider Dick Cheney a liberal. The show's format is to use Beckel as a punching bag for this conservative gang of four and trust loyal Fox News believers to enjoy this "fair fight."

Beckel is obviously getting a big check to tolerate 60 minutes of Obama and Hillary bashing. Since these are the same Fox News political experts who predicted a Romney landslide, the show should be retitled "The Five Stooges."


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