Letter: Thank you to first responders

July 5, 2014 

I know that police, fire, ambulance and other first responders, as well as ER personnel and others, are "just doing their jobs" and collecting pay for it, but I and most of you love and respect them for choosing their fields and doing that job. They help us when we are in need of it the most. And then there are "just plain citizens" who go out of their way to help - not because of a chosen field or a paycheck.

On June 28, a ways north of New Meadows, a motorcyclist went down. A number of people stopped and assisted him, and offered any and all help they could think of. He didn't get all their names, but the Yelton family of Donnelly went way above and beyond the call. That biker was me. My machine might end up as yard art, but I'm already recovering from my injuries.

This week of the Fourth of July, I'm reflecting again on what a great state Idaho is, and what a great nation I live in. And the people are what makes it all so great. Thanks to the Yeltons and to all the good Samaritans out there!


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