Winners crowned at fifth-annual July Fourth Chalk Art Festival in Boise

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanJuly 4, 2014 

The usual display of bright colors and patriotic themes were on display at the Idaho Statesman's fifth-annual Fourth of July Chalk Art Festival at Ann Morrison Park in Boise.

A record-high 104 artists registered, easily topping the previous high of 70 set at last year's festival.

Here's a list of the winners, by category:


1. Team Yotes — Michael Capell, Morgan Mesias, Adam Morgan and Kim Jooeun.

2. Mark Baccay

3. Dani Glass


1. Andi Rados

2. Chalk-o-Taco — Megan Galbraith and Rachel Berry.

3. Kurt Crnich

People's Choice

D-Day — Chris Bergevin, Mathew Bergevin, Heather Madsen.

150 Statesman-Themed

Sam Harmer








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