Letter: Medicine

July 3, 2014 

I have become a product of production medicine.

I was recently seen for a problem with my hand. Upon going to the doctor, I ended up seeing his PA. I was scheduled for surgery and surgery was completed. I was to return to see the doctor at his Meridian location and ended up seeing the therapist. The therapist removed stitches and scheduled me to return to see the doctor.

Upon return, I was again seen by his PA at the Meridian location. I have never met the doctor, and am now dismissed by this doctor. Also when seeing the PA the last time, the MA told me that she would roll over my vitals from my first visit because they did not do diagnostics. They reported blood pressure, temp and respiratory rate that was not correct, but from a visit that had taken place five weeks previous and before surgery. Is this the current standard of medicine now in Idaho, or just in Nampa? I would ask if the readers have had these same experiences. Knowledge is power and I suggest that if having a surgery, don't become a number, demand better.


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