Letter: Creationist museum

July 3, 2014 

The Northwest Science Group plans on building a creationist museum here in the Treasure Valley.

I would not like to see Idaho go the way of Texas, and other southern GOP states, and try to pass creationist curriculum in public schools. Being a secular humanist, I believe everyone has the right to practice whatever faith they want, while being free from persecution of others. And I also believe that this group has the right to build this attraction; but not while they call it science. If you are going to build a museum depicting biblical accounts of pre-history, you should not be allowed to advertise that as science. It is creationism; you are lying to people trying to attract them to your dogma. If I was a business selling you coffee but advertising it as super healthy, antioxidant rich dark chocolate, I could be sued and put out of business for false advertising.

On second thought, a science museum is fitting. For that's what science was in the Dark Ages - when we tried living under a religious aristocracy.


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