Letter: Idaho GOP

July 3, 2014 

The recent clown-show that was this year's GOP convention raises one obvious question: If this is how Idaho Republicans run their own party, how can we trust them to run an entire state?

There is a world of difference between reasonable fiscal conservatism and a mindless policy of starving education, transportation, health care and other services because all government is always bad. Likewise, there is a world of difference between traditional conservative social values such as honesty, hard work, charity and volunteerism on the one hand, versus ugly, fake-patriotic bigotry toward gays, immigrants, single mothers and others.

Idaho Republicans need to demand that your party reflects your own true values. Should we further pad corporations and the rich via tax breaks, while punishing working class Idaho families and Idaho's school kids? I don't think so either, and I'm a Democrat. That's called common ground.


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