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    Hey Zimo!

    Was out on the Grande Ronde with Gary Lane this week. We were telling rattlesnake stories around the campfire - talking about how they come out at night to feed. My dog softly woofed and then we heard a buzz. The dog was about 15 feet away, but the snake was right behind our chairs! Thankfully, the dog is rattlesnake savvy. We wondered if she picked up its scent, or was coincidentally woofing at something else. The snake retreated back under the bushes. The next morning, it rested peacefully in the same place while we ate breakfast 10 to 12 feet away.

    LINDA HAGEDORN, via Facebook

    ZIMO NOTE: I've seen them, too, on Oregon's Grande Ronde River. Your story proves the old adage that if you leave them be, they'll leave you be. Nice critters at a distance.


    Hey Zimo!

    I just read your note (see Into the Outdoors blog at about seeing a rattlesnake on the sidewalk. One of my condor biologist coworkers was visiting from Arizona two weeks ago, and we caught spotted a rattlesnake in my backyard in the highlands off of East Braemere Road. It was coiled and about to strike my dog, who was barking at it. It was right behind my fireplace in our grass yard. We released it in the draw 100 yards from my house. It was the first rattlesnake that I have ever seen in the Foothills, and it had to be in my backyard! It had over nine rattles, which apparently meant that it was a minimum of 10 years old. It was fat, and really a beautiful specimen.

    BILL HEINRICH, via email

Q: Do you know where I can get a good map of Hagerman area attractions? Hard copy? Looking to drive around, and it's been so long, not sure if I can find places.

ERIC ODEN, via email

A: The Hagerman Chamber of Commerce has a great visitors map, and you can get to it at

If you need a hard copy, the maps also are available from businesses in Hagerman or the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument office at 221 N. State St. (in Hagerman, not Boise).

I have a copy, and it's really handy for finding stuff to do there.


Q: I was wondering if using a float tube is fine on Lake Cascade. I usually go to Horsethief, but thought maybe I'd try Cascade one of these days.

DON CAAGBAY, via email

A: I'd be hesitant to go out on the reservoir in a float tube because of the winds and waves that can come up. I imagine the upper end where you have more protection from the wind might be an option, but a lot of the good fishing is near Sugarloaf Island, the dam and the south shoreline, which are all exposed areas. Early mornings, before any winds come up, could be an option, but Lake Cascade is huge and the waves can be, too.


Q: Saw your video of the Middle Fork Payette. It looks like a nice place to camp, however, too many motorheads.

Have you ever canoed that stretch from Tie Creek down to Crouch? What's the river like at that point? Class 1 or 2? Where is the take out?

W.G., via email

A: The Middle Fork of the Payette from Tie Creek to Crouch is an ideal float for canoes, paddleboards and kayaks.

It's 10 miles and winds through beautiful meadows.

It's getting low now. The flow is around 288 cfs, and you'll be scraping bottom and walking over some riffles.

Paddleboarders who float it in low water take off their fins so they don't scrape.

The ideal flow is around 800 cfs in early or mid-June.

By the way, don't put in anywhere else upstream on the Middle Fork. There are waterfalls that will crunch you bad.

Good paddling.

Pete Zimowsky: 377-6445, Twitter: @Zimosoutdoors

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