Letter: Democrats

July 2, 2014 

To many of those on the left (Democrats, liberals) Dano Savino and I are considered ranters and ravers.

Vern Buchta and David Proctor think we should be happy with all the benefits we derive from what liberals have given us over the past 238 years. There are a few, I must admit, but our current president is doing his best to destroy it all in just eight years. He is doing things that even the good Democrats cannot abide with.

Democratic presidents from the past would not be happy with what is happening in this decade. We are becoming a welfare nation with no leadership, no foreign policy and no integrity. A country that is becoming the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

The Democrats cannot take all the blame for this. Republicans must share this burden as well, they sit by and allow the Democrats to run "roughshod" over them without a whimper. They all sit around and do nothing about the huge waste generated by the huge useless bureaucracies that do nothing but self-generate and grow larger and larger and more wasteful. Time has come to end gridlock.

CHUCK EGAN, Meridian

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