Letter: Same-sex marriage

July 2, 2014 

Every day of the school year, students at North Junior High say the Pledge of Allegiance proudly, finishing with "with liberty and justice for all." However, that's not really true, is it?

I don't believe we can declare our nation completely fair when many people don't even have the basic right to marry.

I find it despicable that our choices, many of which are uneducated, can openly dictate others' lives. No one can force people to accept gay marriage kindly, but their opinions should not take such a huge toll on others.

Whatever reason you're against it, you don't have to marry someone of your gender, but why outlaw it?

It has literally no effect on people outside of the marriage. Frankly, it affects you just as much as it affects the family dog. If two humans are in love and they wish to marry, it should not be your choice whether they are allowed to marry.

Over the years, equality has been a huge question and fight that still continues today. It has been race, gender and now it's sexuality. How did those historic events turn out? Be on the right side of history.


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