Letter: Dangerous highway

July 1, 2014 

I recently drove to McCall. I love that drive. Going over Horseshoe Bend hill these days is so much safer and smoother since the dangerous and tortuous previous route was abandoned. I remember a football recruit was killed on it and the state of Idaho was unsuccessfully sued for negligence because of the condition of the road. The improvement in safety is similar to that achieved by the re-routing of White Bird hill. Anyone who recalls driving that beast of a road knows what I'm talking about.

North of Smith's Ferry, the road narrows with a steep drop-off to the Payette River on one side and a rock wall on the other. In spots there is barely room for the white edging stripe, and no room for any guardrails. I was thinking how dangerous that stretch is and when will "they" finally do the Round Valley bypass route that has been talked about for years. I was wondering - How many people are going to have to die on that road from Smith's Ferry to Round Valley before the money is found to change it? A few days after my trip, the tragic number increased by two.

Calvin Vincent Weaver, Boise

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