Whoa, drivers. Freeway speed increase to be delayed

June 27, 2014 

Idaho will join Texas and Utah in allowing a speed of 80 mph on some highways.


Gentlemen and ladies, don't rev your engines. At least not yet.

The planned July 1 increase of the speed limit on rural stretches of Idaho freeways from 75 to 80 mph has been shelved, at least temporarily.

The Idaho Transportation Department announced Friday it wants time to review comments received since the agency announced the pending increase earlier this week. The department now wait until after a July 11 meeting of the Idaho Transportation Board, which will receive the results of a review of speed studies, crash analysis and freeway engineering.

“This will allow a thoughtful and inclusive review, ensuring safety,” Jim Carpenter, the agency's chief operations officer, said in a written release.

The 2014 Idaho Legislature approved the increase to 80 mph for cars and light trucks and 70 mph for commercial trucks on rural stretches of Interstate 84, I-86 and I-15. Gov. Butch Otter signed the bill into law March 18.

Speed limits on the freeway in Boise and other urban areas will mostly remain at 65 mph.

The agency says earlier said it was still studying raising speed limits on the state highway system from 65 to 70 mph.

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