2013 Census: Madison County, the nation's fountain of youth

Idaho is a little younger, a lot whiter and slightly more male than the rest of the country.

csewell@idahostatesman.comJune 27, 2014 

23.1: That's the median age in Idaho's Madison County, home to BYU-Idaho, making it the nation's youngest, according to Census numbers released Thursday. Ranked after Madison in youth are Latah, home to the University of Idaho, and Elmore, home to Mountain Home Air Force Base, with median ages of 28.6 and 30.8, respectively.

52.7: The median age in Adams County, Idaho's oldest. Lemhi, at 52.2, and Boise, at 51.2, are the next oldest.

65.5: The median age in Sumter County, Fla., the nation's oldest, just west of Orlando.

37.6: The nation's median age.

35.5: Idaho's median age, which is inching up as the baby boomers age. That's an increase of nearly a year from 2010's 34.6.

35.8: Ada County's median age.

32.7: Canyon County's median age. Though it's no Madison County, Canyon is much younger than the state and neighboring Ada. (Median age means that half the population is younger and half is older.)

50.8: Percentage of the U.S. population that is female. Only 10 states have more males than females, Idaho being one of them. Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Nevada are among the others.



White 62.6 percent

Hispanic 17.1

Black 2.9

Asian 5.1

American Indian .7


White 83.1

Hispanic 11.8

Black .7

Asian 1.3

American Indian 1.1

Ada County:

White 85.8

Hispanic 7.5

Black 1.1

Asian 2.5

American Indian .5


White 71.6

Hispanic 24.4

Black .6

Asian .8

American Indian .6



50.1 percent male, 49.9 female

Idaho is one of just 10 states in which men outnumber women. The nation is 49.2 male and 50.8 female.

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