Letter: Guns on campus

June 27, 2014 

In response to BSU President Bob Kustra on the new concealed carry laws. Let me get this straight: When guns were illegal on campus, we didn't need any extra security because criminals always follow the law and therefore would not bring their guns on campus. Now that it is legal under certain requirements, like obtaining the proper training and permits to do so, we need more security to protect us from law-abiding people who wish to protect themselves or others?

Kustra needs to drag out that thing called a dictionary and look up the meaning of "criminal" and "law-abiding." My understanding is that "criminal" would be in direct violation of a law, but he didn't care if they were bringing guns onto campus, he is only concerned that law-abiding people will bring guns onto campus. Guess what! It isn't illegal if you have done your legal part to do so. Any others would still be criminals and the new law has nothing to do with them; the law was always there making it illegal. Why would anyone in their right mind set up greater security to find those that are within the law. I don't get it!


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