Letter: Campus gun law

June 26, 2014 

It is hard for me to understand the reasoning behind the law allowing guns on college campus. It would be interesting to know where this idea came from. Was it a lobbyist from the NRA?

When some of our senators and representatives let campaign money and greed override their intelligence, they should be voted out of office. All our laws are passed by our legislators. If we have too large a government or laws that are out-of-date or need to be updated, the responsibility lies with our legislators for correction. It does seem easier to point the finger at someone else.

The legislators just passed a bill not to allow guns in the Statehouse, so it is OK for you and me to get shot, but not the politicians. Our government politics seem to be out of kilter with each party campaigning against each other so nothing gets solved.

I understood the gun law's purpose was to take assault weapons, machine guns, etc., off the streets and make them only available to the law enforcement and the military, as it should be.


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