Letter: Guns on campus cost

June 26, 2014 

Sunday's headline (June 8) is deceptive. "BSU: Guns on campus law costly." Bill Roberts' story starts: "Boise State University says it needs an estimated $500,000 …" That is so wrong. The cost to the universities is ... zero dollars.

Bill Roberts wants the average casual reader to have the impression that the Legislature spent half a million dollars to put concealed guns on campus. No. The law only overrules the campus rule prohibiting concealed guns. That's it. No university program. No university registration. No cost.

Last year when I went to class, I left my concealed gun at home. This year I bring my concealed gun with me to class. How does that cost BSU $500,000?

So what does cost $500,000? Well, that is the cost for BSU to arm its police force. That may or may not be a good idea. But BSU is blaming the cost of new guns on the campus gun law - even though the law says nothing about arming college police. The gun law does not require BSU to pay for anything.

It is a shame that the Statesman would print such a deceptive headline. Sunday. Front page.



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