Letter: Human rights

June 25, 2014 

I noticed that Ryan Gregg was careful not to use the word "rights" in his letter to the editor June 3 where he was expressing his sorrow at not being able to marry the man of his choice. Maybe he didn't have room for the word "rights," he was so busy mentioning his attributes.

It is interesting to me that the gays have hoodwinked the rest of us by calling things they want their "rights," such as same-sex marriage, adopting children, hospital visitation for same-sex partners, Add the Words, on and on. These things are their "wants," their to-do list. You can't call them rights unless gay strategists find a way to tie them to the Constitution, since none of these so-called "rights" are actually in the Constitution, even marriage, straight or gay.

If something is not in the Constitution and you say it is, what is that? Misrepresentation, maybe fraud? I am surprised the ACLU hasn't picked up on that, them being the self-proclaimed guardians of the Constitution and all. Perhaps this realization is what kept Ryan Gregg from talking about his right to marry Mr. Right. Such a sad story.


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