Letter: Ravens

June 25, 2014 

Travis Bruner submitted to the Statesman a guest opinion stating that ravens are an icon. Their very name derives from their predatory destruction on others.

I relate an instance west of Emmett while repairing a pasture fence. There were an estimated 100 pairs of curlews nesting there. At the base of each post was a ring of eggshells. Within one week, not one pair of curlews remained.

It is very right for people to be concerned on issues. But they should have correct information or actual experiences, not the propaganda provided by special interest groups that flood most media services. I can provide many records of predator control that was a vital need in the promotion of more beneficial birds or animals. Had the Department of Fish and Game in this instance, and others in the recent past, simply accomplished the needed control without advertising, the benefit would prove that there is a need for predator control. Without this obvious backlash as submitted by Travis Bruner.


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